Python is a very popular programming language use for various purpose like in :
Web Development.
Machine Learning.
Data Science.
Software Development.
Artificial Intelligence.

Python was released in 1991 and created by Guido van Rossum.

Why should you learn python ?
- python is very easy to learn for new beginners rather than c, c++ or java. because it has a simple syntax which is similar to english language.
- python has a large number of libraries support which makes programmer to solve a large problem in just few line of codes.
- it makes programmer to just focus on to solve a complex problem not on syntax.

For creating web apps or dynamic websites using python you should have the basic knowledge of web technologies which are essential requirements are :
   => HTML   ( for creating structure of the web pages.)
   => CSS   ( for decoration of the web pages look and feel)
   => JS   ( for applying behaviour to the web pages.)