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Advantage and Disadvantage of SharePoint

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Advantages and Disadvantages of SharePoint

Advantages of SharePoint

Advantage and Disadvantage of SharePoint

A list of advantages of SharePoint is given below –

1) Business Intelligence

SharePoint allows users to collect and publish data that is stored on the portal and accessible by the relevant organization. Depending upon the SharePoint installation, data can be published and pulled from the various sources, including the Excel, OneNote, and Microsoft SQL Server. This optimises the business process by ensuring the necessary information that the user wants.

2) Highly Responsive

SharePoint is highly responsive for all devices and platforms. It performs important tasks such as sharing of documents, storing the records of business reports, answering to customer’s queries, etc.

3) Cloud Framework

SharePoint is scalable, simple, quick, and easily connect with your project from anywhere, any time through the web.

4) Document Management

Document Management is the most widely used benefit of SharePoint. It includes many features that help to maintain documents.

Some important features of document management are Version Control, Document Check out & Check-In, Document Search, Permission alerts, Customized Templates Document Workflow, and Document alerts.

5) Team Collaboration

Team Collaboration is one of the most important benefits of SharePoint. It allows you to connect with your colleagues and business partners in a creative way to share ideas, documents, and important information. This approach allows information and knowledge to flow more frequently throughout the organization.

6) Integrated platform

SharePoint allows easy integration techniques such as Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), Extensible Mark-up Language (XML), numerous Application Programming Interface (APIs), and event handlers for documents and lists.

7) Security

As you know, the security of business data is the first priority for any organization. SharePoint allows users to effectively manage business data using the firewalls and prevent its unauthorized use. It also uses cloud solutions to ensure that confidential documents are stored on the cloud and will never be compromised.

8) Content Management

Creating, modifying, and deleting the content from the website is a very difficult task for a non-technical person. SharePoint allows content management, which helps a non-technical person to easily create, modify, and delete content form their websites.

9) Ease of use

SharePoint provides many features and tools that allow any organization to respond quickly according to the organization’s needs. It provides an easy way to create and maintain business solutions such as creating dashboards, web portals, scorecards, and business data connectivity without having the technical knowledge.

10) Centralized Administration (CA)

SharePoint allows users to easily access data from anywhere in the world. It also provides a place where you can perform administration tasks from a central location.

Disadvantages of SharePoint:

A list of disadvantages of SharePoint is given below –

1) Integration requires more development effort

SharePoint integration issues should be considered very important because every user spend his more time and cost to create the project but if project fails then there will be a wastage of time and money.

2) Expensive

SharePoint can be expensive to set up and maintain. The biggest disadvantage of SharePoint is its licensing structure

  • SharePoint Online Plan 1 – $5.00 user/month
  • SharePoint Online Plan 2 – $ 10.00 user/month
  • Office 365 Enterprise E3 – $ 20.00 user/month

3) Poor Search Capabilities

SharePoint provides poor search capabilities. It requires a lot of internal customization.

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