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Agile Release Planning

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Agile Release Planning

The primary purpose of release planning is to make a plan to deliver an increment to the product. It is done in the interval of every 2 to 3 months.

Agile Release Planning

Who is involved in releasing the plan?

Following person are involved in product releasing plan- Scrum Master, Product Owner, Agile Development Team, Stakeholders.

  • Scrum Master: The Scrum Master is a team leader and facility provider who helps the team member to follow agile practices so that they can meet their commitments and customers requirements.
  • Product Owner: The Product Owner is one who runs the product from a business perspective. He defines the requirements and prioritizes their values.
  • Agile Development Team: Agile development team provides the judgment on the technical feasibilities or any dependencies.
  • Stakeholders: Stakeholders are the customers, subject matter, program manager act as advisers in decisions which are made around the release planning.

Prerequisites of Planning:

The prerequisites of release planning are as follows:

  • A Product Owner manages the ranked product backlog. While releasing the product, the Product owner feels to include five to ten features at the period of product release.
  • High- level vision
  • Market and Business objective
  • Team’s input according to capabilities, known velocity, or about any technical challenge.
  • Acknowledged about the new product backlog items are needed

Material Required:

The list of materials that is required for the releasing planning is as follows:

  • Flip charts, markers, whiteboards/li>
  • Posted agenda, purpose/li>
  • Projector for sharing the data/tools of computers required during a planning meeting/li>
  • Planning data

Planning Data:

The list of data needed during release planning are as follow:

  • Previous iteration data or release planning requests
  • Actions plans of previous release/iteration
  • Features or defects to be considered
  • Organizational and personal calendars
  • Velocity from previous releases/ estimates


Following are the output of a release planning:

  • Release plan
  • Commitment
  • Issues, dependencies, concerns, and assumptions which are to be monitored
  • It suggests improving future release planning

Planning Agenda

  • Opening ceremony: Welcome message, review purpose, organizing tools, and introduction to business sponsors.
  • Product Vision and Roadmap: It shows a broad picture of the product.
  • Review previous releases: Product planning agenda discussed on any item which can impact the plan.
  • Product release name/theme: It inspects the current status of roadmap themes and makes the necessary adjustment if any.
  • Issues and concerns: In the agenda, we check any concern or issue, and then record them.
  • Review and Update the Definition of Done: Review the product build or definition of done and make appropriate changes based on technology.
  • Retrospect: Require feedback from participants to make the meeting successful.
  • Close: Celebrate success.

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