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Android Screen Orientation Example

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Android Screen Orientation Example

The screenOrientation is the attribute of activity element. The orientation of android activity can be portrait, landscape, sensor, unspecified etc. You need to define it in the AndroidManifest.xml file.



The common values for screenOrientation attribute are as follows:

Value Description
unspecified It is the default value. In such case, system chooses the orientation.
portrait taller not wider
landscape wider not taller
sensor orientation is determined by the device orientation sensor.

Android Portrait and Landscape mode screen orientation example

In this example, we will create two activities of different screen orientation. The first activity (MainActivity) will be as “portrait” orientation and second activity (SecondActivity) as “landscape” orientation type.


File: activity_main.xml

Activity class

File: MainActivity.java


File: activity_second.xml

SecondActivity class

File: SecondActivity.java


File: AndroidManifest.xml

In AndroidManifest.xml file add the screenOrientation attribute in activity and provides its orientation. In this example, we provide “portrait” orientation for MainActivity and “landscape” for SecondActivity.


android screen orientation example output 1 android screen orientation example output 2

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