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Android XMLPullParser Tutorial

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Android XMLPullParser Tutorial

Android recommends to use XMLPullParser to parse the xml file than SAX and DOM because it is fast.

The org.xmlpull.v1.XmlPullParser interface provides the functionality to parse the XML document using XMLPullParser.

Events of XmlPullParser

The next() method of XMLPullParser moves the cursor pointer to the next event. Generally, we use four constants (works as the event) defined in the XMLPullParser interface.

START_TAG :An XML start tag was read.

TEXT :Text content was read; the text content can be retrieved using the getText() method.

END_TAG : An end tag was read.

END_DOCUMENT :No more events are available

Example of android XMLPullParser


Drag the one listview from the pallete. Now the activity_main.xml file will look like this:

File: activity_main.xml

xml document

Create an xml file named employees.xml inside the assets directory of your project.

File: employees.xml

Employee class

Now create the Employee class that corresponds to the xml file.

File: Employee.java

XMLPullParserHandler class

Now write the code to parse the xml file using XMLPullParser. Here, we are returning all the employee in list.

File: XMLPullParserHandler.java

MainActivity class

Now, write the code to display the list data in the ListView.

File: MainActivity.java


XmlPullParser Tutorial

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