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Apache Ant API

Ant API (Application Program Interface) is a group of packages which are used to build Ant tool. Broadly This API is organized into various categories which are given below.

Ant API Classification

  • Apache Ant Core
  • Apache Ant Core Tasks
  • Apache Ant Core Types
  • Apache Ant Optional Tasks
  • Apache Ant Optional Types
  • Apache Ant Utilities
  • Other Packages

Each category contains lots of package which are given below.

Apache Ant Core

Package Description
org.apache.tools.ant It is a core package which contains core classes and interfaces.
org.apache.tools.ant.attribute This package contains classes to handle attributes. org.apache.tools.ant.dispatch It contains dispatched classes and interface. org.apache.tools.ant.filters It consists of filter classes and interfaces. org.apache.tools.ant.filters.util It contains utility classes for filter. org.apache.tools.ant.helper Contains helper classes. org.apache.tools.ant.input Contains input classes and interfaces. org.apache.tools.ant.launch Contains classes. org.apache.tools.ant.loader Contains classes and interfaces. org.apache.tools.ant.property Contains helper classes for ant properties.

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