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Apache Ant CVS Task

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Apache Ant CVS Task

CVS (Concurrent Version System) is a version control system. It is used to handle modules retrieved from the CVS repository.

Apache Ant CVS Task Attributes

Attribute Description Required
command Command to be executed. No
compression Require either true or false No
compressionlevel It takes a number between 1 and 9. No
cvsRoot A CVSROOT variable. No
cvsRsh A CVS_RSH variable. No
dest A destination directory path. No
package Package name to be checked out. No
tag Tag of the package to check out. No
date Date of most recent revision. No
quiet Suppress informational messages. No
reallyquiet Suppress all messages. No
noexec No execution. No
output To produce output. No
error The file to direct standard error from the command. No
append whether to append output/error when redirecting to a file. No
port Port to be used by CVS. No
passfile A file that read passwords. No
failonerror Stop the build process if fails. No

Apache Ant CVS Task Example

Lets see an example in which check out the package ant from the CVS repository pointed by the cvsRoot attribute, and store the files in ${ws.dir}.

We can update package which is already checked out into ${ws.dir}. Use the below example.

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