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Apache Pig GROUP Operator

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Apache Pig Group Operator

The Apache Pig GROUP operator is used to group the data in one or more relations. It groups the tuples that contain a similar group key. If the group key has more than one field, it treats as tuple otherwise it will be the same type as that of the group key. In a result, it provides a relation that contains one tuple per group.

Example of Group Operator

In this example, we group the given data on the basis of the last name.

Steps to execute Group Operator

  • Create a text file in your local machine and write some text into it.

Apache Pig Group Operator

  • Check the text written in the piginput2.txt file.

Apache Pig Group Operator

  • Upload the piginput2.txt file on HDFS in the specific directory.

Apache Pig Group Operator

  • Open the pig MapReduce run mode.
  • Load the data into the bag.
  • Now execute and verify the data.

Apache Pig Group Operator

  • Let us group the data on the basis of l_name.
  • Now, execute and verify the data.

Apache Pig Group Operator

Here, we got the desired output.

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