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How to Create a Double Doughnut Chart in Excel

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doughnut chart is a circular chart that uses “slices” to display the relative sizes of data. It’s similar to a pie chart except it has a hole in the center, which makes it look more like a doughnut.

Doughnut chart example

double doughnut chart is exactly what it sounds like: a doughnut chart with two layers, instead of one.

Double doughnut chart example

This tutorial explains how to create a double doughnut chart in Excel.

Example: Double Doughnut Chart in Excel

Perform the following steps to create a double doughnut chart in Excel.

Step 1: Enter the data.

Enter the following data into Excel, which displays the percentage of a company’s revenue that comes from four different products during two sales quarters:

Raw data in Excel

Step 2: Create a doughnut chart.

Highlight the first two columns of data.

On the Data tab, in the Charts group, click the icon that says Insert Pie or Doughnut Chart.

Pie chart or doughnut chart icon in Excel

Click on the icon that says Doughnut.

Doughnut chart option in Excel

The following doughnut chart will automatically appear:

Doughnut chart example in Excel

Step 3: Add a layer to create a double doughnut chart.

Right click on the doughnut chart and click Select Data.

Select data in Excel

In the new window that pops up, click Add to add a new data series.

For Series values, type in the range of values fpr Quarter 2 revenue:

Click OK. The doughnut chart will automatically update with a second outer layer:

Double doughnut chart in Excel

Step 4: Modify the appearance (optional).

Once you create the double doughnut chart, you may decide to add a title and labels, and decrease the size of the hole in the middle slightly to make the chart easier to read:

Double doughnut chart with title in Excel

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