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Features of SAS

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Features of SAS

SAS is the pioneer in data analytics because of its beneficial features. There are several key features that makes SAS superior in business analytics.

We can transport SAS in the various computing environment, and it works exactly the same on all platforms, except for an interactive window. The key features of SAS Programming Language are given below:

Features of SAS

1. Strong Data Analysis Abilities

Strong Data Analysis Ability is the first feature of SAS software and programming language. SAS is like a complete package for data analysis section. Its analysis ranges from simple figures to advanced levels. For example, it plots bar graphs with the data provided to calculate the correlation between complex data sets.

The best part about SAS software is the Inbuilt Library because there are all necessary packages required for analysis and reporting of data.

2. Flexible 4 Generation Programming Language (4GL)

SAS is a 4GL programming language, and that is its essential feature because the SAS programming language has an easy-to-learn syntax. More than that the code of SAS programming language is like statements, and these statements are clear and concise instructions to the systems.

Inbuilt libraries of SAS has reduced coding for common applications to provide an opportunity to modularize our job. It is also user-friendly for non-programming users.

SAS is an interactive language. Its log window is like a mirror that keeps giving instructions to the user. It provides notes and marks error. There is also DS2, which helps in data manipulation. Complex data can be manipulated in its place in the database.

3. SAS Studio

SAS Studio is a unique feature among SAS features. We can easily access SAS Studio from any device and with any web browser. There is no need for client installation. All libraries and data files that are needed in the SAS program can be accessed through any web browser.

It is very instructive. As soon as someone starts typing, the autocomplete feature gives us indications of various procedures. For further guidance, pop-up syntax and parameter list are displayed.

It also helps you to create and add personalized code snippets and add them to the snippet library.

We can point and click interface; it guides us during the analysis process at different levels.

4. Support for Various Data Format

Support for different data formats is another feature of SAS. SAS has the ability to read data from any type of file, any format, and even from files with missing data.

SAS provides support for SQL. It has an extensive database of character encoding; there is full support for the most commonly used languages. SAS programming language also maintains singularity, so that SAS works with data in many languages.

5. Management

SAS management is one of the significant features of SAS software. It has SAS Environmental Manager that alerts, monitors and manages the analytics environment. The Extended Java Graphical User Interface administers SAS functions in SAS Management Console.

We can also execute a failed program entirely in the restart mode. It starts again from the same stage where the program failed.

XML Engines have many functions like importing and exporting XML documents and creating XML maps.

Application Response Measurement Interface looks at various applications and checks for the availability of transactions.

6. Report Output Format

SAS is capable of displaying analytical results and the number of reporting options. Base SAS 9.4 has high-quality graphics such as ODS statistical graphics, ODS graphics designers and editors, etc.

We can save and create reports in standard formats such as RTF, PowerPoint, and pdf. We can also save them as eBooks and i-books; this gives us the luxury of visual analytics.

We can customize the output according to the hierarchy of customer requirements. The output can be ported to different places.

7. Data Encryption Algorithms

SAS ensures that security holds the essence of how we provide access and for that SAS 9.4 has a security feature called SAS / SECURE. We can also encrypt SAS data on the disk through various algorithms.

So, it was all about SAS characteristics. Hope you like our explanation.


In this SAS features, we have studied that SAS programming is a complete package for any type of statistical work. It also provides service support in all platforms except one. The libraries in the SAS include all those that are generally necessary for analysis. Its encryption feature makes it secure and portable for various devices. Besides, if still, you have any questions about SAS attributes, feel free to ask in the comments section.

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