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How to Install CouchDB in Ubuntu

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How to Install CouchDB in Ubuntu


CouchDB is a database which is based on document oriented database architecture. It uses JSON to store data and JavaScript as it’s query language.

It is a project of Apache Software Foundation and first released in 2005.

In this tutorial, we will install CouchDB in Ubuntu operating system. This whole process, includes the following steps.


  • Ubuntu
  • Login as admin user in terminal


Update local repository index of apt package manager.


Software CouchDB 1

Start CouchDB Server

After starting CouchDB, we can access database from the browser by using the localhost:5984. It will look like the following.

Software CouchDB 2

Create Database

To create project, enter this url localhost:5984/_utils to the browser. It will open the following interface that allows us to create database. As we can see, here, we are creating a new database tutoraspire.

Software CouchDB 3

The following output shows created database.

Software CouchDB 4

Well, we have successfully installed CouchDB in our operating system. Now, we can perform database related tasks.

Extra Info

Following are the useful commands that can be used to manage CouchDB server.

Start CouchDB

Use the following command to start CouchDB.

Stop CouchDB

Use the following command to stop CouchDB.

Restart CouchDB

Use the following command to restart CouchDB.

CouchDB Running Status

Software CouchDB 5

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