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How to Install Memcached on Ubuntu | How to Install Memcached on Windows

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Install Memcached on Ubuntu

To install Memcached on Ubuntu, do the following steps:

  • Open the terminal
  • Then, type the following commands:

How to Install Memcached on Ubuntu

Verifying Memcached Installation

To verify memcached is installed or not, we need to run the following command.

When we execute the above command the output will look like this:

How to Install Memcached on Ubuntu

Here, 11211 is the default port for memcached. And is the Host IP.

We can change the port of the memcached server by using the following command:

This command starts the server on the TCP port 11111 and listens on the UDP port 11111 as a daemon process.

How to Install Memcached on Ubuntu

Install Memcached on Windows

To install memcached on Windows, follow the following steps:

  • Download a memcached from the following link:

For 32 bit: – http://code.jellycan.com/files/memcached-1.2.6-win32-bin.zip

For 64 bit: – http://downloads.northscale.com/memcached-win64-1.4.4-14.zip

Here, I am using the 64-bit version.

  • Create a folder in any directory. Such as c:memcahed
  • Extract the downloaded .zip file and copy the content of this downloaded file into the newly created directory.
  • Open a command prompt as an administrator.

Memcached Server

  • Go to the c:memcahed (your newly created folder)
  • Run memcached.exe file

How to Install Memcached on Windows

Now, the memcached server is started.

Memcached Client

After the memcached server is started, it listens on the port we have assigned to it. The memcached client connects to the server on either the UDP or TCP port, sends commands and receives responses, and eventually closes the connection.

We can connect to our memcached server in a variety of ways. Here we will use a Telnet client to connect to the server directly.

For this, open another command prompt and type the following command:

How to Install Memcached on Windows

Here, telnet 11211 assuming the memcached server is running on the same machine and listening on the default 11211 port.

When you press enter, the following telnet client window will open:

How to Install Memcached on Windows

Your memcached service should now run and wait incoming key or value pairs.

Note: When we execute the memcached.exe without any command line options, by default the memcached server will start on port 11211 with 64MB of memory.

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