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JFreeChart Bubble Chart

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JFreeChart- Bubble Chart

A bubble chart represents information in a three-dimensional manner. This chart is a variation of a scatter chart(XY chart) in which the data points are replaced by bubbles, and an additional dimension (z-values) of the data is represented in the size of the bubbles.

The following images show some of the demo versions of Bubble chart incorporated in JFreeChart library:

Bubble Chart Demo 1:

JFreeChart Bubble Chart Demo 1

Bubble Chart Demo 2:

JFreeChart Bubble Chart Demo 2

Bubble chart example:

Let us consider the following sample data for a bubble chart.

COUNTRY Cars (in Million) X-Value Buses (in Million) Y-Value Trucks (in Million) Z-Value
India 40 65 70
U.S.A 30 20 50
China 80 50 80
Japan 11 50 20

The following codes create a Bubble chart from the above sample data:



JFreeChart bubble Chart output

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