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Jira Issue Types

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Jira Issue types

JIRA application can be used to break the pieces of work into issues. Issues can be represented as tasks, subtasks, bud, epic, feature requests, or other pieces of work. Each Jira software comes with some default issue types that suit your projects and teams.

There are three types of default Jira issue types that come with the JIRA software:

Jira Issue Types

  • Jira Core (business projects) issue types
  • Jira Software (software projects) issue types
  • Jira Service desk (service desk projects) issue types

Jira Core issue types

  • Task
    The task is the work which is to be completed or done to achieve the team’s goal.
  • Subtask
    It is the subtask of an issue. All the tasks that come under the logged issue are known as subtasks.

Jira Software issue types

  • Bug
    A bug is the problem or defect that occurs in the functions of a product.
  • Epic

Jira Issue Types

    • Epic is a large user story which is to be broken into smaller stories
    • It cannot be achieved in a single sprint.
    • The whole epic is completed in months.
    • Epic refers to a set of activities which are not converted into user stories yet.
    • First, Epics are converted into user stories, and then user stories are converted into several tasks on which agile team work.
    • Epics are broad in scope and lacking details, and they split into smaller and multiple stories on which agile team work on.
    • Epic is referred to as a ‘top-tier in the work hierarchy.
  • Subtask
    Subtask is a piece of work which is to be done to complete the whole work.
  • Task
    The task is the work which is to be completed or done to achieve the team’s goal.
  • Story
    • The story is a list of tasks that need to be completed within a project.
    • It defines the high-level design of project requirements.
    • It defines the short and simple descriptions of the whole project.
    • It is owned by the product owner of a company, but anyone can write the user story.
    • It is written in simple language so that customers can understand the final product.
    • User stories can be considered as the “heart of scum” as it serves as the building blocks for the sprint.

Jira Service Desk issue types

  • Change
    It requests a change in the current IT profile.
  • IT help
    It is used to request for help for an IT related problem.
  • Incident
    It reports an incident or service IT outage.
  • New feature
    It is requesting to add a new feature or software capability.
  • Problem
    It is used to report the root cause of multiple incidents.
  • Service Request
    It is used for requesting help from an internal or customer service desk.
  • Service Request with approval
    It is used for requesting help that requires manager or board approval.
  • Support
    It is used for requesting help for the customer support issues.

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