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JMeter Configuration Elements

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Configuration Elements

Working of configuration elements is quitesimilar to those of samplers.However, it does not send requests but it allows you to modify the requests made by the samplers.

It is a simple element where you can collects the corporate configuration values of all samplers like webserver’s hostname or database url etc.

A configuration element is accessible from only inside the branch where you place the element.

Given below is the list of some of the most commonly used configuration elements provided by JMeter:

  • Java Request Defaults
  • LDAP Request Defaults
  • LDAP Extended Request Defaults
  • Keystore Configuration
  • JDBC Connection Configuration
  • Login Config Element
  • CSV Data Set Config
  • FTP Request Defaults
  • TCP Sampler Config
  • User Defined Variables
  • HTTP Authorization Manager
  • HTTP Cache Manager
  • HTTP Cookie Manager
  • HTTP Proxy Server
  • HTTP Request Defaults
  • HTTP Header Manager
  • Simple Config Element
  • Random Variable

The following image shows how you can add a configuration element to your test plan.

JMeter Configuration Elements

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