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Joomla Help Menu

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Joomla Help Menu

Joomla’s help menu provides options to solve most of the issues. Click on ‘Help’ button from the taskbar and the following screen will be displayed-

Joomla Help Menu

The options available under the Joomla help menu are described below:

Joomla Help

This page includes the guides which help the user creating their Joomla website. To access the Joomla Help menu, navigate to the “Help – Joomla Help“. You will see many guides related to the options available on Joomla.

Official Support Forum

An official support forum is a place where people help each other by exchanging ideas and views officially in Joomla. The Joomla support forums are the busiest and friendly support forums in the world. It is a great place to get help and find other Joomla users.

To open the official support forum, click on the “Help – Official Support Forum“. It will look like the following screenshot:

Joomla Help Menu

Official Language Forums

Official Language Forums option redirects you to the other forums of Joomla, which are available in different languages. You can find the forum of specific language and ask the questions there in that particular language.

To access the official language forums, navigate to the “Help – Official Language Forums“. It will look like the following screenshot:

Joomla Help Menu

Documentation Wiki

The Document Wiki is used to format the content of articles, cross-link pages and create the documentation of the Wiki templates. To access the documentation wiki page, click on the “Help – Documentation Wiki“. The following screen will be displayed on clicking on documentation wiki option:

Joomla Help Menu

Joomla Extensions

Joomla extensions are used to extend the functionality of Joomla websites. To access the Joomla extension page, navigate to the “Help – Joomla Extensions“. The following is the image showing the view of the Joomla extension page:

Joomla Help Menu

There are several extensions available in the Joomla extensions page.

Joomla Translations

Joomla translation is used for translating the languages in Joomla’s core files. It is helpful in documentation and screens along with other tasks to meet the need of a diverse language community. Click on “Help – Joomla Translations” to access the page of Joomla Translations. It will look like the following image:

Joomla Help Menu

Joomla Resources

Joomla Resources are used to locate professional service providers. It helps the users to connect and perform more functions in the Joomla CMS. Navigate to the “Help – Joomla Resources” to access the page of Joomla Resources. It will look like the following image:

Joomla Help Menu

Community Portal

The community portal helps in getting the news and updates about the Joomla from all over the world at one place. Click on “Help – Community Portal” and you will get the screen of community portal as shown below:

Joomla Help Menu

Security Centre

Security centre provides the latest announcements of the resolved security issues in Joomla software releases. Security centre page can be opened by clicking on “Help – Security Centre“. The following image shows the view of the security centre page:

Joomla Help Menu

Developer Resources

Developer Resources page provides resources to those who want to build or maintain software based on the Joomla platform. Click on the “Help – Developer Resources” to access the page of Developer Resources. It will look like the following image:

Joomla Help Menu

Stack Exchange

Stack Exchange is a question and answer website for Joomla administrators, users, developers, and designers. You can ask a question as well as share your answer. To access the stack exchange page, navigate to the “Help – Stack Exchange“. The following image displays the page of stack exchange:

Joomla Help Menu

Joomla Shop

Joomla shop is a place where users can purchase the products related to Joomla. There are several items with a brief description. You can read and buy the maximum number of items as per your requirements.

To open the Joomla shop page, click on the “Help – Joomla Shop“. It will look like the following screenshot:

Joomla Help Menu

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