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Syntax directed Translation

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Syntax directed translation

In syntax directed translation, along with the grammar we associate some informal notations and these notations are called as semantic rules.

So we can say that

  • In syntax directed translation, every non-terminal can get one or more than one attribute or sometimes 0 attribute depending on the type of the attribute. The value of these attributes is evaluated by the semantic rules associated with the production rule.
  • In the semantic rule, attribute is VAL and an attribute may hold anything like a string, a number, a memory location and a complex record
  • In Syntax directed translation, whenever a construct encounters in the programming language then it is translated according to the semantic rules define in that particular programming language.


Production Semantic Rules
E → E + T E.val := E.val + T.val
E → T E.val := T.val
T → T * F T.val := T.val + F.val
T → F T.val := F.val
F → (F) F.val := F.val
F → num F.val := num.lexval

E.val is one of the attributes of E.

num.lexval is the attribute returned by the lexical analyzer.

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