DBMS vs. File System

There are following differences between DBMS and File system:

DBMS File System
DBMS is a collection of data. In DBMS, the user is not required to write the procedures. File system is a collection of data. In this system, the user has to write the procedures for managing the database.
DBMS gives an abstract view of data that hides the details. File system provides the detail of the data representation and storage of data.
DBMS provides a crash recovery mechanism, i.e., DBMS protects the user from the system failure. File system doesn't have a crash mechanism, i.e., if the system crashes while entering some data, then the content of the file will lost.
DBMS provides a good protection mechanism. It is very difficult to protect a file under the file system.
DBMS contains a wide variety of sophisticated techniques to store and retrieve the data. File system can't efficiently store and retrieve the data.
DBMS takes care of Concurrent access of data using some form of locking. In the File system, concurrent access has many problems like redirecting the file while other deleting some information or updating some information.

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DBMS vs File System