Join Dependency

  • Join decomposition is a further generalization of Multivalued dependencies.
  • If the join of R1 and R2 over C is equal to relation R, then we can say that a join dependency (JD) exists.
  • Where R1 and R2 are the decompositions R1(A, B, C) and R2(C, D) of a given relations R (A, B, C, D).
  • Alternatively, R1 and R2 are a lossless decomposition of R.
  • A JD ⋈ {R1, R2,..., Rn} is said to hold over a relation R if R1, R2,....., Rn is a lossless-join decomposition.
  • The *(A, B, C, D), (C, D) will be a JD of R if the join of join's attribute is equal to the relation R.
  • Here, *(R1, R2, R3) is used to indicate that relation R1, R2, R3 and so on are a JD of R.

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Join Dependency