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Advantages of Neo4j

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Advantages of Neo4j

Following is a list of most important features of Neo4j:

Highly scalable: Neo4j is highly scalable. It provides a simple, powerful and flexible data model which can be changed according to applications and uses. It provides:

  • Higher vertical scaling.
  • Improved operational characteristics at scale.
  • Higher concurrency.
  • Simplified tuning.

Schema-free: Neo4j is schema-free like other NoSQL databases.

High availability: Neo4j provides high availability for large enterprise real-time applications with transactional guarantees.

Real-time data analysis: Neo4j provides results based on real-time data.

Easy representation: Neo4j provides a very easy way to represent connected and semi-structured data.

Fast Execution: Neo4j is fast because more connected data is very easy to retrieve and navigate.

Easy retrieval: Neo4j facilitates you not only represent but also easily retrieve (traverse/navigate) connected data faster other databases comparatively.

Cypher Query language: Neo4j provides CQL (Cypher Query Language) a declarative query language to represent the graph visually, using ASCII-art syntax. The commands of this language is very easy to learn and human readable.

No Join: Neo4j doesn’t require complex Joins to retrieve connected/related data as it is very easy to retrieve its adjacent node or relationship details without Joins or Indexes because it is a graph database and all nodes are already connected.

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