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Agile Daily Stand-up

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Agile Daily Stand-up

Agile daily stand-up is termed as the day-to-day status meeting on the project of the members of the agile team. The daily meeting of the agile team discussed the forum for regular updates as well as the problems of team members. It focuses on addressing the issues and tries to solve the issues quickly. The daily stand-up is the regular practice, no matter how an agile team is established regardless of its office location.

What is Daily Stand-up?

The daily stand-up is a daily status meeting of the agile team member. This meeting roughly takes 12 to 18 minutes (an average of 15 minutes).

Each member of the team has to answer three important questions

  1. What he/she did yesterday?
  2. What he/she will do today?
  3. The problem he/she is facing . . . He/she blocked due to. . .

The daily stand-up is done for a day-to-day status update. The meeting of team members with the product owner can be scheduled at different time. The participants in the stand-up meetings only stand instead of sitting so that the meetings get finished quickly.

Important of Stand-up:

The importance of having a daily stand-up in agile are as follows:

  • The team can evaluate the progress report daily.
  • The team member discusses all the progress and the commitments he/she made for the day.
  • The members can also see whether they can deliver the project as per the iteration plan or not.
  • Stand-up provides visibility to the team on any delay that occurs due to some obstacles.

Who Attends a Stand-up?

  • The project owner, scrum master, and the delivery team should attend the stand-up regularly.
  • Customers and Stakeholders are encouraged to participate in the meeting, and they act as an observer. However, they are not supposed to participate in stand-ups.
  • The responsibility of scrum master is to take note each team member’s queries and the problems they are facing.

Geographically Dispersed Teams

A stand-up meeting is done in different ways depends upon the working time zone.

  • On the rotation basis, select a member who can take the stand-up meeting of teams located in different time zones.
  • A separate team has a separate stand-up meeting.
  • Daily update the status of the stand-up in a tool such as SharePoint, Rally, Wikis, etc.
  • There are varieties of communication tools ready like video conferencing, instant messengers, conference call, and other knowledge sharing tools.

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