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Animoji for Android

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Animoji for Android

Animoji is also called an animated emoji developed for the iPhone for sending different types of face avatar with different head shapes, eyes, hairstyles, etc. Every smartphone users love to use emojis in their message. We can send these animoji (or emoji) in a message to express our feeling to friends, family and others. The animoji app is only available for the iPhone. If you are thinking of using the animoji app on your Android device, they can’t work.

Facts and features about the Animoji app

  • Animoji app was introduced for iPhone X, which has a high-tech Face-ID and standalone RGB camera to create live emojis.
  • Android OS has not such dedicated hardware or optimized software for creating Animojis.
  • The working accuracy of these apps on the Android device is far from that of the iPhone X, and we don’t guarantee 100% perfect performance.

However, there are several similar featured apps related to animoji that are available for Android. We may choose them for our Android phone.

Best Animoji and 3D Avatar Apps for Android

Note: The order of below given Animoji apps is not based on their features and performance. It is only compliance; you can choose according to your requirement and device supported.

Face Cam | Avatar Face Emoji

Animoji for Android

Face Cam is an emoji app that allows creating 3D avatar with live selfie, faceswap and others. We can create our face’s avatar and turned it into 3D emoji. The app converts our face just like mimics via eyebrows, mouth, and eyes too. Face Cam app has a multiple-face recognition feature that allows creating emoji with friends also. The app can be used for creating cartoons and 3D avatar of friends, family and others.

The app also provides several hairstyles, skin tones, hair and eye colors, accessories and lots more. Using this app, users can also record their videos and share them with friends and different social media platforms. Users can create 3D avatar expressions via this application that suits their personality. We can create different emojis such as hungry, sad, happy, angry, and many more.

Download Face Cam from Google Play Store.


Animoji for Android

Bitmoji app is one of the popular and an excellent alternative to Animoji for Andriod. It offers users to make expressive full-body cartoon avatar. The app offers several features that help us to create new emojis. Before starting to create an emoji, we can select different theme styles from its library. Its popularity can be predicted by seeing its rating and 100 million downloads on Google Play Store. The Bitmoji app is free to download, which facilitates us to make Bitmoji easily. It can also collaborat with Snapchat, Whatsapp, Messenger and other messaging apps. We can use Bitmoji with a Google keyboard called GBoard. Bitmoji app also contains huge collections of stickers and animoji, which can be sent to our chat partner.

Download the Bitmoji from Google Play Store.


Animoji for Android

MojiPop is another animoji app that allows creating up to three different avatars. We can create personalized GIF stickers, including multiple people. MojiPop is available for the free and paid version. To create a cartoon sticker, we have to go through two steps. At first, click a photo using a 3D camera app and use that photo on this application to create a new sticker. We can send emoji straight from the app to the gallery and other apps such as Facebook and WhatsApp.

Download the MojiPop app for Android.

EMOJI Face Recorder by Fentazy

Animoji for Android

Emoji Face Recorder animoji is slightly different from other animoji that allows recording our face with the different animal faces. However, this app is not much popular as other animoji apps. Using this app, we can record our emotions and face in the different 3D animal model heads such as deer, zebra, octopus, horse, leopard, panda, shark, and many more. The app also contains 3D emoji for cry, fun, cool, love, angry, angel, and surprise mode.

We can record our voice with face animoji and change the background to make our day more fun. The created emojis videos can be shared with friends, family, or social media platforms. One of the drawbacks of this app is that it doesn’t run well on the entry-level or mid-range smartphone with a weak processor.

Download the Emoji Face Recorder for Android.

Mirror: Emoji Maker

Animoji for Android

If you are interested to send stickers to your messaging apps like WhatsApp or others, you may love to use Mirror Emoji Maker app. Mirror emoji app facilitates for creation of funny emoji and animoji on our phone. To create a new avatar, we need to upload a photo and wait for a few seconds to generate your emoji. You can also create multiple face emoji by uploading a photo with your friends. The app contains huge collections of items using which we can easily create emoji of a unique design.

Along with the above features, we can also create stickers and gifs. We can also add text on the stickers and emojis.

Download the Mirror: Emoji Maker app for Android.

Download the Mirror: Emoji Maker app for iOS.


Animoji for Android

Supermoji is another popular and recommended animoji app that you love to use. With this app, we can easily create funny animoji and emoji with video and sound effects. Supermoji is high rated animoji app where we can make 3D emoji for free. This app is available for both Android and iOS phones.

Supermoji is such an Android animoji app that competes with Apple’s animoji app in every aspect. One of the best features of this app is that the app can replay videos after reusing them. We can express ourself with new emoji, emoji text, animoji, cool font style by sending messages to others. However, besides these features, this app has lots of negative reviews on the Google Play Store.

Download the SUPERMOJI app for Android.

Download the SUPERMOJI app for iOS.


Animoji for Android

ZEPETO is another great animoji app that you love to use. We can create 3D animoji from a photo that looks like us or from preset characters. It also gives tools to customize our animoji, such as different hairstyles, outfits, accessories, and lots more. The app allows making emojis of our character and using them while chatting with others. We can easily create a cute character from a photo by clicking a camera or selecting the gallery. The animoji can be edit with different character’s faces or different dress costumes.

In this app, we get a daily login reward, which can be used to buy more customize items. We can also buy items instantly by paying money for them.

Download the ZEPETO app for Android.

Download the ZEPETO app for iOS.

3D Avatar Creator | Bemoji

Animoji for Android

Bemoji is an excellent app that makes 3D animated avatar emojis and GIF for Android and iOS devices. Bemoji avatar creator supports features to create our avatar, emoji & facemoji and GIF for free. It also contains a large number of emojis that can be used to create a new animoji from our friends face. We can share our 3D animated avatar on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger and other messaging apps for fun.

Key features of the Bemoji app

  • It allows fus to create a 3D avatar.
  • It allows us to chat with created emojis and stickers of an avatar.
  • It provides an emoji keyboard.

Bemoji avatar creator is available in both free and paid versions. Its paid version provides unlimited avatars, theme emojis, lots of accessories and many more.

Download the 3D Avatar Creator app for Android.

Download the 3D Avatar Creator app for iOS.

Gboard Emoji Minis

Animoji for Android

Gboard is also called as Google Keyboard, which includes Emoji Minis in it. Using this app, we can scan our face and create several stickers in different styles and expressions. To use Google emoji, we have to use Google’s keyboard called Gboard as our phone’s keyboard. The app also provides different excellent features such as voice typing, handwriting, glide typing, faster search emoji, share GIFs for the perfect reaction.

Once you installed Gboard, launch the keyboard and click on the sticker icon then the plus icon. At the top, you will find Your minis section, where you have to select Create. Now, you can take a selfie and generates three different types of stickers: Sweet, Emoji, and Bold. It also allows customizing your face emoji if your photo didn’t capture well. If everything is well, tap on Done, and your emoji is ready to use. Your crated emoji will appears on the sticker section of the Gboard keyboard.

Download the GBoard app for Android.


Animoji for Android

Emojidom is one of the popular animoji apps that have a huge collection of animated smileys animoji. The app also gives the facility to create GIF icons and stickers on our Android and iOS devices. We can directly send GIF emoji to our WhatsApp, Line, Facebook, Skype and other chats contacts. The app is free to use, where we can create animated emoji in less time. Sending emoji related to our message makes the conversation more interesting and enjoyable. Users can also record funny videos and share them with their contacts using various messaging apps or social media networks.

Emojidom offers different types of emojis for different occasions such as sick, angel, love, broken heart, running late, asking a question, celebrating, angry, thumb up and thumb down, crying, slapped in the face, surprised, enjoying coffee, tired and need a coffee, to say good night, and many more.

Download Emojidom for Android

Download Emojidom for iOS.

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