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Apache Ant Features

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Apache Ant Features

  • Open Source
  • Flexible
  • Easy To Use
  • Cross Platform
  • Extensible
  • Scalable
  • XML

Open Source

Apache Ant is an open source library. It allows user to access source code and reproduce it. Ant has open source software license. It can be used to study, redistribute


Ant is very flexible in nature, it can be used with variety of programming languages without much effort. Apart from Java, other useful programming languages like C, C++ can also use Ant to automate their tasks.

Easy To Use

Ant uses very simple syntax which is easy to learn and use. If a user already know about XML, it is more easy to work because Ant uses XML. It’s build file is created using XML tags.

Cross Platform

Apache Ant is cross-platform and handles Java class paths and file directory structures in aportable manner. It can execute on various platforms.


Apache Ant is extensible in nature, it is easy to extend. It can extensible using Java and other programming languages also.


Apache Ant has built-in support for J2EE development, such as EJB compilation and packaging. It can be used in a small personal project and can also be used in a large software project.

XML Markup

Ant uses XML files called build files to describe how to build, test and deploy an application. Using XML, it enables developers to edit files directly in any XML editor. It facilitates parsing the build file at run time. Using XML as the format also allows enables developers to create templates easily and to generate build files dynamically.

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