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Apache Ant Telnet Task

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Apache Ant Telnet Task

Ant Telnet task is used to provide bidirectional text oriented communication facility. It is a network protocol. By default Apache Ant does not support it. So, we need to include a external JAR commons-net.jar file into classpath.

This task is mainly used to automate telnet session xml file.

The <telnet> element supports nested elements <read> and <write>to perform read/write operations respectively.

Apache Ant Telnet Task Attributes

Attribute Values Required
userid A user id to login into server. Yes
password Password to login into server. Yes
server Server name/address. Yes
port the port number of the remote telnet server. No
initialCR send a cr after connecting. No
timeout set a default timeout to wait for a response. No

Let’s see some example to understand the telnet task.

Apache Ant Telnet Task Example

The above example is a simple telnet connection program which connect to localhost by mapping provided userid and password.

Time Out

During connection, we can also set connection timeout period.

Specify Port Number

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