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Apache POI Powerpoint

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Apache POI Powerpoint

Apache POI provides XSLF API to handle Powerpoint document by using the Java program. It is pure Java implementation of Powerpoint 97-2007 file format.

It helps to read, create or modify document. It provides the following features:

  • Extract data (text, pictures, sounds).
  • API for creating, reading and modifying document.

Apache POI XSLF Classes

Class Description
HSLFSlideShowImpl It handles file and allows reading in and writing out files. Record It is a base class of all records. It also provides the main record generation code, which will build up a tree of records for a file. HSLFSlideShow It builds up model entries from the records, and presents a user facing view of the file. HSLFSlide It allows us to get at the Text of the slide, and at any drawing objects on it. HSLFTextParagraph It is a list of HSLFTextParagraphs holds all the text in a given area of the Slide. HSLFTextRun It holds a run of text having the same character stylings. PowerPointExtractor It uses the model code to allow extraction of text from files. QuickButCruddyTextExtractor It uses the record code to extract all the text from files very fast.

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