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WooCommerce: 10 Best Fashion & Clothing Themes

by Tutor Aspire

Maybe this is the right time to update your clothing WooCommerce store and give a more professional look to your fashion business…

Maybe you also want to build custom pages without getting into coding, as default WooCommerce is too “boring”…

Still think your online project requires a fresh hand?

Well, if that’s the case, feel free to keep reading and view my favorite 15 WooCommerce clothing themes.

Key Features of a WooCommerce Clothing Theme

As you’re selling fashion, it’s quite obvious a clothing online store must look beautiful. Given that for granted (look at the screenshots below!), you shop owner probably want stress-free website creating, the possibility to build your pages quickly, to customize any detail and add WooCommerce-specific content.

Getting into detail, here’s what a good fashion theme could give you out of the box:

  • Featured products to showcase your highlights and keep them displayed on the main page;
  • Clean, shopper-friendly, simple navigation;
  • Unlimited color variations that allow you to change the visual look of the online shop in a matter of seconds;
  • Product Filter features;
  • Multiple pre-designed sets of online pages;
  • SEO-ready code;
  • Responsive, mobile-first design;
  • Translation options and WPML-ready design.

Top 10 Fashion / Clothing WooCommerce Themes

Here’s the selection I have prepared for you. Don’t forget that all these products have live demos –  check them out to grasp the whole picture.

1) Styler – Cost: $114

As you can see, Styler is a marvelous WooCommerce theme, which allows you to set up a bright and well-organized website. Styler was made to engage with users thanks to its minimalist design.

2) Kidos – Cost: $94

Kidos is a cute and colorful WooCommerce template, which contains several beautiful home pages, already pre-made for you. You get flexible header and footer settings, as well as a useful Age Filter option.

3) Brosse – Cost: $114

In case you are going to launch a cosmetic shop, take a look at Brosse. This well-featured WooCommerce theme contains many design sets. They are the ready-made pages you can use to run the site without having extra coding skills. Thanks to this code-free WooCommerce template, a user gets such sections as blog, contacts or several variations for the gallery just out of the box.

4) Grace – Cost: $99

Have you ever thought of adding a trendy horizontal MegaMenu to your online shop? Actually, it’s an attractive and very useful way to improve the design of the website. Thanks to MegaMenu plugin, users will be able to sort products by categories, subcategories and other filter widgets.

5) Deluxis – Cost: $114

This WooCommerce template comes with a drag-and-drop page builder called Elementor and, therefore, code-free website creation. This eye-pleasing theme has several well-designed content templates.

6) Preggo – Cost: $110

Here is Preggo – a soft and elegant WooCommerce theme. It was designed to manage a shop related to maternity clothes. Working with the template, you get lots of Ajax features – just another cool way to improve your user experience: any clickable part of the web shop (e.g. “add to Wishlist” or “Add to Cart” button) will save changes without the need of a page reload.

7) Actiquer – Cost: $94

Here is one more thing you must know about website design: you need a mobile-friendly shop! If you take a closer look at the recent traffic usage statistics, you’ll see that the huge part of it relates to mobile phones. It’s more than half, probably! For these reasons, you need a mobile-friendly online shop.

8) Xmall – Cost: $111

Based on KingComposer page builder, Xmall promises you a stress-free website building – you can customize every single pixel. This WooCommerce theme comes with several pre-made home page designs, available with unlimited flexibility.

9) Chemisy – Cost: $114

Chemisty provides a fully WPML-ready design. Thanks to this feature, you will be able to enlarge the website audience attracting new foreign shoppers. Also, the function improves SEO results but that’s not all – Chemisty is also SEO-friendly.

10) Dentelle – Cost: $114

Remember we’ve told you how important a mobile-friendly website is? So, here is one more feature you will certainly need – mobile-first design. Why do you need it? Well, basically, mobile-first design means building and designing your online shop starting from its small-device version. In this way, there is no way your WooCommerce website can not be compatible with phones and tablets. You can start finding first online shoppers even before the site is done!

Bonus: Useful WooCommerce Plugins for Clothing Stores

JetGuten – Cost: $15

JetGuten is a magical and easy-to-customize plugin for the well-known Gutenberg visual builder. Honestly speaking, it was created to make your life easier: there are lots of block style settings with an easy-to-use UI. That’s why JetGuten is a perfect tool to manage extra content. You will update your online website immediately with the help of this brand-new plugin.

WcBot – Cost: $29

This plugin integrates with WooCommerce in a matter of seconds. It provides a user-friendly messenger, which let you chat with shoppers whenever it’s needed.

Testimonial – Cost: $22

As you may know, testimonials are vital for ecommerce websites. The function helps you share customer reviews. It comes with 27+ testimonial template design, 2 pagination styles, translation settings and translations slide speed – these are just to name a few. The plugin provides font, color, and AutoPlay customization.

Duplicate Variations – Cost: $25

First off, this handy WooCommerce plugin is integrated with Wholesale Prices Premium. As the name of the product says, it duplicates your custom attributes, default attributes, the variation thumbnail, and manages the variations for all products. It’s quite easy to copy the variations in to other products. There are no long setups or special skills needed. Working with this cool WooCommerce plugin is as easy as pie.

SW Product Bundles – Cost: $25

To end with, here’s another worthy WooCommerce plugin. The product is compatible with WordPress 4.9.x, WooCommerce 3.4.x, and Visual PageBuilder 5.5.x. It gives you shortcodes to display Bundled products on the home page. What can you do with the plugin? Well, it allows choosing an item to showcase your goods, controlling the number of shown items, setting interval time out for slider, and setting speed slider. In addition, SW Product Bundles is totally responsive. It comes with free lifetime updates.


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