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WooCommerce: How to Add to Cart Multiple Variations at Once?

by Tutor Aspire

This is a very common issue for B2B / Wholesale WooCommerce website managers. In these case scenarios, clients usually need to add to cart multiple variations to cart on the same page, without refreshing it each time.

For example, a clothing wholesale client wishes to order 100 Medium, 150 Large and 50 Small t-shirts without having to switch dropdown/swatch choice, click on 3 add to cart buttons and wasting time.

Thankfully, there are WooCommerce plugins for that. And today I give you a few premium choices.

No matter whether each variation is displayed in a table and has its own add to cart button or there is a single add to cart button for all variations – ordering more products at the same is a breeze!

1) WooCommerce Product Table (€89)

This plugin works perfectly as a bulk add to cart order form, including quantity selectors and product variations. There is a full overview, demo page and tutorial on this here, but the most important features are:

  • Products are listed in a customizable table layout, and each item has a tick box.
  • You can create a single listing of all your products with multiple add to cart buttons, or you can create tables listing specific products only (e.g. by category).
  • You can show product variations as dropdown lists next to the bulk add to cart boxes.
  • Alternatively, each variation can have its own row in the product table with a separate add to cart checkbox for each one.
  • There are options to add tables anywhere on your site, or to replace the default layouts.

As you can see, this plugin is full of great features. Here’s a full video tutorial:

2) WooCommerce Variations to Table ($24)

Yes, the great news is that you can immediately turn your single variable product page into a table/grid with one add to cart button for each variation.

It has over 2,300 sales and a very decent 4.3 rating, and it seems the developer is very responsive in regard to support and updates. It simply gets the job done.

How to add to cart multiple variations at once

Its full features can be found on the Codecanyon Plugin page, but the most interesting are:

  • You have the option to enable/disable the table/grid on a per product basis
  • You can show the stock levels with custom messages
  • You can customize the plugin via filters and actions without the need to touch its core code

3) WooCommerce Bulk Variation Forms plugin ($49)

There is also an official plugin from WooCommerce.com, and this time you can allow your users to add multiple variations to cart from a single form.

WooCommerce: adding to cart multiple variations with a single button

It seems this plugin does what it says on the tin. Give it a go and let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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