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ETL files are log files which have been created by Microsoft Tracelog software applications. Microsoft program creates the event logs in the format of a binary file. In a Microsoft operating system, kernel created the logs. ETL logs contain the information about how to access the disk and page fault, recording the performance of the Microsoft Operating System, and logging the event of high-frequency.

The Eclipse Open Development Platform also uses the .etl file extension. The platform creates the file which is saved with the .etl file extension.

Trace logs are generated by trace provider in trace session buffer and are stored by the operating systems. Trace logs are then written to a log and stored in a compressed binary format to reduce the amount of space. From ETL files, reports may be generated using the command line utility Tracerpt. The output of the ETL file may be configured with several options such as the maximum allowable size of the file so that the logs do not cause a computer run out of disk space.

The ETL file type is associated with the Eclipse foundation. Eclipse is an open-source community whose projects are focused on building a free development platform comprised of extensible.

ETL files stored to disk, and changes in their volatility and the data they contain. When a trace session is configured first, then the used settings determine how to store the log files and what data to be stored in them. Some logs are circular with old data which is overwritten with new data when the size of the file reached to the maximum. Windows stores the information into ETL files in some scenarios such as when the system is shut down, booted when another user has logged into the system, when the updating occurs or many more.

Microsoft office, one drive, sky drive, and skype can also maintain their ETL files which contain the debugging and other information. The information in the ETL file can be used in forensics for a variety of scenario.

ETL File Location

In a window system, ETL files can be found anywhere. These files exist on most of the system and can contain a lot of information and that information is used for analysis. ETL files can be found in different locations in windows operating system, and maybe hundreds of them are empty, and some is containing the data.

ETL Files

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