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Group Discussion topics on General Awareness

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Group Discussion topics on General Awareness

General awareness signifies the general knowledge about various topics, such as capital, finance, inventions, discoveries, banks, etc.

Group Discussion topics on General Awareness

Let’s discuss some trending topics on the general awareness.

Is cancellation of board exams is the right decision?

High petrol prices in India

Why top IIMs includes more aspirants from Engineering Background

The importance of money savings

Importance of General Awareness

Interpersonal skills

Other topics

Is cancellation of board exams is the right decision?

The exams of the 10th standard have been canceled due to the rise in the covid cases, while the exams for the 12th standard have been postponed. The students are the future of the country. Hence, their life and safety play a vital role.

  • The second wave of COVID-19 in India has resulted in the loss of various lives.
  • The fear and hard work of the board exams for the secondary and senior secondary is presence for many years. But, the covid situation made the government to cancel the exams.
  • Various schools, colleges, and institutes have been shut down due to the rising covid cases. The students are now dependent on online classes for their study.
  • The 10th board exams also build the confidence of students to face the 12th board exams.
  • The decision of exam cancellation might be good for the students who are not interested in studies, but it is a shock for the topper students.
  • The time and efforts these children have put on to score marks in board exams has not produced the desired results.
  • But, these efforts will be somehow helpful in further studies. The step of the cancelation of the exams was somewhere essential for the safety of students. As said, exams can happen twice, but life is only one. The decision by government was also somewhere correct as per the current covid conditions in the country.

High petrol prices in India

Group Discussion topics on General Awareness

The prices of petrol in India depend on the following factors: Import of oil, the value of rupees vs. dollars, taxes imposed by the government, international taxes, etc.

  • India highly depends on the imports of crude oil. The import of petrol to India comprises of various additional taxes by the government of India and the government of the respected country. Hence, the petrol prices are generally high as compared to other countries.
  • Recently, the petrol price of India has reached rupees 90 per liter in 2021. The tax added is known as VAT (Value Added Tax).
  • The percentage of import of oil in India is around 85%.
  • The increase in demand and the VAT contribute to the rising petrol prices.
  • These petrol prices vary over the states depending on the VAT.
  • The organizations such as the Oil Corporation of India, Bharat Petroleum, and Hindustan petroleum decide the domestic prices of petrol by considering the foreign exchange rate.
  • The petrol prices in the mid-2021 have also reached 100 -mark in some of the South-east Asia states of India.
  • The prices are updated at 6 am every morning.

Why top IIMs includes more aspirants from Engineering Background

Large percentages of graduates in India are engineers. An engineering graduate is known for the following skills, decision making, solution-oriented, problem-solving skills, high IQ level, strong technical knowledge, ability to work under pressure, critical, and analytical thinking.

  • The percentage of engineers in IIM in 2018-2020 batches was around 85.
  • The engineering background with the knowledge of finance, marketing, operations, etc., has great scope.
  • Engineers are also known for the good technical skills and personality.
  • The combination of technical knowledge with the MBA helps them to solve macro and micro level issues.
  • The package offered by the top MBA colleges and IIM is generally high as compared to the package offered to the engineering graduate
  • Most of the engineers opt for high-paying jobs. Hence, they choose a better career option by pursuing post-graduation in IIMs or top MBA institutes.
  • Various graduates are also from non-engineering backgrounds. It depends on a person’s ability, skills, and personality to pursue a career in the top colleges or institutes.

The importance of money savings

Saving money is one of the essential methods to live a healthy life and safe the future. It helps us to enjoy the various services and enjoy a quality life.

Group Discussion topics on General Awareness

  • The most important aspect of money is the requirement in need of a financial emergency.
  • It depends on a person that he/she wants to save money for which particular requirement. It can be a purchase or money required during emergency at any point in the life.
  • It helps us to buy the expensive commodities or purchase at the required time.
  • The money saving helps in the medical emergency and provides financial freedom.
  • The most appropriate method is to place the saving in the bank. It not only keeps our money safe, but also provides an interest per annum to our deposits. We can easily withdraw the money when required.
  • Another method to secure our money during a medical emergency is insurance. Various organizations, such as LIC and Policy bazaar, are now providing medical insurances at convenient rates. It also provided good assured cover in a medical emergency.

Importance of General Awareness

General awareness comprises of various topics, such as sports, general knowledge, polity, economic, history, geography, science, scientific research, etc. It increases our knowledge that is helpful both at academic and personal level. General awareness also helps to elaborate the topics asked in a Group Discussion.

  • It helps us to understand the world and the thing happening round us.
  • It is part of various competitive exams. It is an important and easy part that helps us to score better in the examination.
  • It increases our knowledge and confidence in speaking in the GD.
  • We can develop our general awareness by reading newspapers, Quiz content, reading daily news headlines, general knowledge books, GK apps, etc.
  • It keeps us updated from day to day events and matters in the world.
  • General awareness also develops our social and analytical thinking skills.

Interpersonal skills

Interpersonal is created from two words, ‘Inter’ and ‘personal,’ which means communicating with each other.

Interpersonal skills are the skills required for effective communication. The communication can be online, face-to-face, video conference on mobile, etc.

It is also known as soft skills. A person with excellent interpersonal skills might be able to:

  • Negotiate easily
  • Be more likable
  • Can easily read facial expressions
  • Speak that people love to listen
  • Decode body language
  • Be polite
  • Should be soft spoken
  • Be more charming
  • have good affinity with others
  • Be understandable
  • Be socially positive and confident
  • Have patience according to the situations
  • More responsible

A weak or improper interaction can create a negative impression and may also spoil relations. Communication at every point with relatives, friends, family, neighbors, suppliers, buyers, project departments, managers, teams, and colleagues is essential to maintain proper relations.

The common interpersonal skills are:

  • Effective verbal communication
  • Effective non-verbal communication
  • Good Behavior
  • Body language
  • Being an active listener
  • Relationship Management
  • Communicate using clear words
  • Pitch

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