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HTML acronym Tag

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HTML <acronym> tag (Not supported in HTML5)

HTML <acronym> tag is used with title attribute to contain a full explanation of an acronym content. When you hover the mouse on content, then it will show the explanation of word.

Note: The <acronym> tag has been depreciated in HTML5 and we can use <abbr> tag instead of <acronym>.


Following are some specifications about the HTML <acronym> tag

Display Inline
Start tag/End tag Both Start tag and End tag
Usage Semantic/Textual


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Difference between <acronym> and <abbr> tag

Although <acronym> tag is not supported by HTML5 but instead of that we can use <abbr> tag and we will get the same result using both tag.


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Supporting Browsers

Element chrome browser Chrome ie browser IE firefox browser Firefox opera browser Opera safari browser Safari
<acronym> Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
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