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HTML blockquote tag

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HTML <blockquote> tag

HTML <blockquote> tag is used to define a block of text which is quoted from another source. The Browser usually displays the content within <blockquote> tag as indented text.

If you want to insert a long quote then use <blockquote> and for short or inline quote use <q> tag.


Following are some specifications about the <blockquote> tag

Display Block
Start tag/End tag Both start and End tag
Usage Semantic/textual


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HTML blockquote tag

Styling <blockquote> tag

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Note: We have used CSS property margin-right: 25px to change the indentation applied to the text. You can also use margin-left or margin shorthand property.


HTML blockquote tag


Tag specific attribute

Attribute value Description
citeHTML blockquote tag URL It is used to specify the URL of the source from where the quote is taken.

Global attributes

The <blockquote> tag supports all the global attributes in HTML.

Event attributes

The <blockquote> tag supports all events attributes in HTML.

Supporting Browsers

Element chrome browser Chrome ie browser IE firefox browser Firefox opera browser Opera safari browser Safari
<blockquote> Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
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