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Java SQLite Example

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Java with SQLite

To use SQLite with java programs, you must have SQLite JDBC Driver and Java set up on the system. Follow the steps given below:

  • Download latest version of sqlite-jdbc-(VERSION).jar from sqlite-jdbc repository.
  • Add the downloaded jar file to your class path.
  • You can now connect to the SQLite database using java.

Connect to SQLite Database

Use the following code to connect to SQLite database using Java programming language:

Sqlite Java with sqlite 1

It is connected with your already created database JTP.db.

Create Database using java

You can also create a new database in SQLite using java programming language. Let’s create a database named “SSSIT.db”. Create a public class “Create” and use the following code:

Sqlite Java with sqlite 2

A new database named “SSSIT.db” is created now. You can see it where you have installed sqlite.

Sqlite Java with sqlite 3

Create a table using java

Let’s create a table named “employees” having columns “name” and “capacity”. Create a class name “CreateTable”, having the following code:

It will create a table “employees” within the SSSIT.db database.

Insert Record in the table

After the creation of the table, use the following code to insert some records in the table. Create a new class “InsertRecords”, having the following code:

Sqlite Java with sqlite 4

Now record is inserted in the table. You can check it out by using the SELECT command:

Select Records

To select records from the table, use the following code. Create a new class “SelectRecords”, having the following data.


You can see that it displays all the records we inserted once.

Sqlite Java with sqlite 5

Note: By using the same procedure, you can update and delete the table and database.

Sqlite Java with sqlite 6

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