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JAX-WS Example RPC Style

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JAX-WS Example RPC Style

Creating JAX-WS example is a easy task because it requires no extra configuration settings.

JAX-WS API is inbuilt in JDK, so you don’t need to load any extra jar file for it. Let’s see a simple example of JAX-WS example in RPC style.

There are created 4 files for hello world JAX-WS example:

  1. HelloWorld.java
  2. HelloWorldImpl.java
  3. Publisher.java
  4. HelloWorldClient.java

The first 3 files are created for server side and 1 application for client side.

JAX-WS Server Code

File: HelloWorld.java

File: HelloWorldImpl.java

File: Publisher.java

How to view generated WSDL

After running the publisher code, you can see the generated WSDL file by visiting the URL:

JAX-WS Client Code

File: HelloWorldClient.java


Hello World JAX-WS tutoraspire rpc 

Click me to download JAX-WS server example RPC style (eclipse)
Click me to download JAX-WS client example RPC style (eclipse)

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