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JDB Breakpoint

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JDB Breakpoint

In JDB, breakpoint is used to pause or stop the program explicitly. The purpose behind this is to acquire the knowledge about a program during its execution.

The programmer inspects the test environment during this interruption to find out whether the program is functioning as expected.

Breakpoint Segments

Breakpoint can be set in a program in any of the following ways:-

  • Breakpoint can be applied in a program on the basis of line number. The below syntax is used for it.

It sets the breakpoint at the first instruction of the specific line.

  • Breakpoint can also be applied on method or variable name. The below syntax is used for it.

It sets the breakpoint at the beginning of the method.

Note:- In the case of method overloading, it is required to specify the type of argument.

JDB Breakpoint Example

Through this example, we will try to understand the JDB breakpoint.


  • Compile the above program by using the following command:-
  • Then, initialize Java debugger with the following command:-
  • Now, set up a breakpoint on the cube() method with the help of following command:-

fter the execution of this command, the following message will generate on console.

Deferring breakpoint JBreak.cube.
It will be set after the class is loaded.

  • Start to debug the class with the following command:-

The following result will be generated on your console.

JDB JBreak

You can see that the execution stops at the cube method.

  • Now, if you want the complete execution of your program with the desirable result then follow the below command to continue the execution.

Once the complete execution is completed, the following output will be generated on your console.

JDB JBreak 1

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