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JDB Connection

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JDB Connection

To start with JDB, it is required to connect it with the JVM. For that purpose, create a JDB session by any of the following ways:-

  • By using main class
  • By using runtime environment of JVM.

JDB Session using main class

This is one of the simplest way of creating JDB session. In this approach, JVM is released with the main class of the application which is required to debug.

Follow the below steps:-

  • Compile your main class by typing the below command on console:-
  • Now execute your program with JDB through the following command:-

Here, MainClass is the name of the class that is required to debug. You can take any name in place of it but that name must represent your main class.

JDB Session using JVM

Another approach for creating JDB session is to attach jdb command with the running JVM. This approach specifies the kind of connection to be made. Follow the below syntax:-

Apart from these two ways, there are various other ways that can be used to create a connection between debugger and JVM and jdb command supports all of them.

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