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JMeter Installation

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JMeter Installation

We assume that you have already installed ‘jdk 1.6’ or above on your machine and successfully configured the environment variables required to run and compile java programs.

However, to verify whether you have Java installed on your system. Open your console and execute the following java commands as per the operating system you are working on.

Operating System Task Command
Windows Open Command Console c:> java -version
Linux Open Command Terminal $ java -version
Mac Open Terminal machine: ~ tutoraspire$ java -version

The latest version of JMeter can be downloaded from:

Download Latest version of JMeter

  • There are two versions of JMeter available. Download according to the operating system you are working on.
  • File Description
    apache-jmeter-4.0.tgz JMeter for Linux/Unix.
    apache-jmeter-4.0.zip JMeter for Windows
  • After downloading JMeter, you need to extract the files at a convenient directory.
  • The following image shows the structure of the directories and files –
  • JMeter Installation

    To launch JMeter in GUI mode – go to the bin directory and double click on the respective executable file as per the operating system you are working on. For example:

    Operating System Task
    Windows Click on ApacheJMeter.jar
    Linux Click on ApacheJMeter.sh
    Mac Click on ApacheJMeter.sh
  • The following image shows the defaultApache JMeter interface –
  • JMeter Installation

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