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JMeter JMS Test Plan

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JMeter JMS Test Plan

In this section, we shall learn how to write a simple test plan to test Java Messaging Service (JMS).

For our test purpose we are using Apache ActiveMQ.There are various JMS servers like glassfish3, IBM WebSphere MQ (formerly MQSeries), Tibco, etc.

You can also refer our JMS tutorial to learn more about JMS and its components.

Before proceeding with this section, follow these simple steps to install Apache ActiveMQ on your system.

  • Download the latest release of Apache ActiveMQ from the link given below:
  • http://activemq.apache.org/download.html

  • Unpack the archive at a convenient directory. In our case it is “C:apache-activemq-5.15.3”.
  • Run the following command from the command console to start the ActiveMQ server:activemq start

You can verify if the ActiveMQ server has started by visiting the admin interface at the address – http://localhost:8161/admin/

This address will redirect you to its authentication page where it requires User Name and Password. Enter the User Name and password as admin.

JMeter JMS Test Plan

The following image shows the default interface of ActiveMQ server.

JMeter JMS Test Plan

Now, copy the activemq-all-5.15.3.jar file from the ActiveMQ unzipped directory toC:JMeterapache-jmeter-4.0lib folder.

As we know that JMS supports two types of messaging-

  • Point-to-Point messaging
  • Topic messaging or pub/sub messaging

Therefore, let us first write a JMeter test plan to test a JMS Point-to-Point messaging solution

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