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Joomla Adding Articles

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Joomla – Adding Articles

An article can be defined as a piece of content consisting of some written information that usually contains some text, pictures, and other types of content. For most of the Joomla sites, articles form the majority of the information presented on the site. Articles can be considered as the basic units of information in the content system and the bottom level in the content hierarchy.

Create/ Add a New Article

The following are the steps to understand how to create an article:

Step 1

Log in to your Joomla account, and click on the “Content – Articles – Add New Articles” from the Joomla Taskbar.

Joomla Adding Articles

You can also access the same window by clicking on the “New Article” option from the left sidebar of the Joomla Control Panel.

Step 2

After following the above step, you will get the editor page, as shown below:

Joomla Adding Articles

It is almost similar to the Word Processor and known as ‘WYSIWYG Editor‘. Use the given options and create an article consisting of an image, text, and other contents. Some of the important options present with the editor are:

Edit It is used to perform undo, redo, cut, copy, paste, paste as text, ‘select all’, and ‘find and replace’.
Insert It is used to insert media, images, links, anchors, special characters, horizontal lines, nonbreaking spaces, templates, and date/time.
View It is used to show blocks, invisible characters, visual aids, previews, and fullscreen.
Format It is used to perform formatting options such as bold, italic, underline, strikethrough, and many more.
Table It is used to insert the table in the article by using row and columns.
Tools It displays the source codes of the article in html format, and code is displayed in a new popup window.

Step 3

After creating an article, enter the information in other fields available under the ‘Content’ tab which are:

Status It is used to specify the status of the article, such as published, unpublished, archived, or trashed.
Category It is used to specify the category for the article.
Featured It is used to make the article featured by using the buttons (Yes/No).
Access It is used to allow access to the public, guests, registered users, special users, or super users.
Language It is used to specify the language for the article.
Tags It is used to specify the tags for the article. You can select more than one tag for the article. You need to press ‘return’ after entering each keyword to create separation between tags.
Note It is used to add an optional text (Only visible to Administrators).
Version Note It is used to specify the version of the item (Only visible to Administrators).

Step 4

The tabs include several options or settings for the article. Click on each tab to check the available options and modify them as per your requirements. Enter all the details as per your requirements. Check out the following image, which displays the article that we have created for an illustration purpose.

Joomla Adding Articles

Step 5

After filling all the details, click on the ‘Save‘ button to keep the changes.

Note: To display an article in the frontend of your Joomla website, you need to link it with the module.

The created article will look like the following image on the frontend of the website:

Joomla Adding Articles

That is how you can create articles for your Joomla websites.

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