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Joomla Creating Submenus

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Joomla – Creating Submenus

In Joomla, menus are used to organize the content of the website. If you have a lot of content on your site, you should start using submenus. A submenu is a menu accessed from a general menu, which can work as a menu with more than two levels or as a separate menu module.

Create Submenus

Check out the steps below to understand how to create submenus in Joomla:

Step 1

First of all, you need to create a menu item inside a menu in which you want to add a submenu. Here, we are going to add submenus under the ‘Main Menu’. So, we need to create a menu item inside the Main Menu.

Navigate to the “Menus – Main Menu – Add New Menu Item” from the Joomla Taskbar. You can also access this option using the left sidebar of the Joomla Control Panel page.

Joomla Creating Submenus

Step 2

Create a menu item by filling the necessary details, as shown below:

Joomla Creating Submenus

Here, we have created a menu item with the name ‘Test Menu’ for an illustration purpose. To make an empty item, we selected “System Links – URL” as a menu item type and entered ‘#’ in the link field. You must choose the correct menu and parent item from the right part of the page. We have selected ‘Main Menu’ as a menu location and ‘Menu Item Root’ as a parent item to make it a top-level item. After saving the details, a new menu item will be added on the site, as shown below:

Joomla Creating Submenus

Step 3

To create submenu items, you need to follow the steps, same as creating menu items except for one step, which is to select the parent item. While creating submenus, you need to select that particular menu item as a parent item, in which you want to add the submenu.

The following image displays the creation of submenu (Test Submenu 1) under the ‘Test Menu’ that we created in the last step:

Joomla Creating Submenus

It will add a submenu under the ‘Test Menu’ on the site. You can add as many submenus as you want. We have added three submenus to our ‘Test Menu’. The following image shows how the submenus look on the site:

Joomla Creating Submenus

After creating submenus in menu items, the “Menu Manager – Menu Items” will look like the following image:

Joomla Creating Submenus

Here, you can see that there are three submenus present below the ‘Test Menu’.

Note: If Joomla doesn’t display the submenus, then edit the linked module of ‘Main Menu’ and turn the “Show sub-menu items” option to “Yes”.

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