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Joomla Taskbar

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Joomla Taskbar

One of the most important parts of the Joomla admin panel is the taskbar placed at the top. It covers almost all the options available under Control Panel and some others. It can be accessed from any page of the back-end.

Joomla Taskbar

Following are the options available in the Joomla Taskbar:


This option is used to access the control panel, global configuration, global check-in, an option to clear cache, clear expired cache, and view system information.


This option is used to manage users, user groups and access levels, add fields and field groups, add notes about users and note categories, deal with privacy related requests, view user logs, and mass email everyone on your site.


As the name suggests, this option includes all the options about the creation and management of different kinds of menus (i.e., main menu, user menu, etc.). It also contains an option to display the list of created menu items.


This option includes many features that are helpful for adding or modifying articles. One can add new articles, categories of articles, assign featured contents, modify fields and fields groups, etc. It also contains an option to manage all the media files of the site.


This option is used to create and manage site banners, contacts, private messages, multilingual associations, news feeds, etc. It has an option to check if there is a Joomla update available. It includes an option to check post-installation messages. It allows us to set redirects and smart search with the help of plugins. It also gives access to check search terms and use tags.


This option is used to navigate to the extension manager, which allows us to install, update, or manage extensions on the Joomla site. In this menu, we can configure, find, and troubleshoot the extensions. We can check the state of the database and update the site. We can also install plugins and templates from this section. An option to change the default language of the site also exists under this option.


It provides direct access to several help topics of Joomla, such as extensions, translations, resources, and support forums, etc. This section can be used to get a better understanding of Joomla.

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