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Joomla Update

Joomla Updates are released to enhance the features and functionality of the website. They are built to make sure that your Joomla website is safe, up to date with new features, security patches, improvements, and bug fixes.

Joomla actively releases new updates to reinforce user experience and to fix security vulnerabilities. There is a huge community of developers who are always working to enhance the Joomla experience.

Why Update Joomla

It is always suggested to keep your Joomla up-to-date. There are several reasons for this:

  • Security
    Joomla updates include major fixes that patch security vulnerabilities. Updating Joomla, you ensure the security of your Joomla site.
  • Stability
    Joomla also includes fixes for bugs and other stability issues. Thus, Updates make Joomla sites more stable.
  • Features
    Joomla is always working to make it easier for beginners. They are continually improving and adding new features with updates. So, you will have access to the latest features and functionality by running the latest version.

Updating Joomla

As soon as you log in to your Joomla account, you should see a notification that a new Joomla version is available for update. You can directly update from there by clicking on the “Update Now” button.

Joomla Update

You will also see a notice in the left sidebar under ‘Maintenance’, as shown below:

Joomla Update

After clicking on any of the above options, you will be redirected into the Update Manager Page. If you don’t get a notice on the Control Panel page, then you need to navigate to the “Components – Joomla Update” from the Joomla Taskbar. You will be redirected into a page containing two methods, as shown below:

Method 1: Live Update

This method will automatically check and download the latest version from the Joomla server. You will have to click on the “Install the Update” button to start the update process.

Joomla Update

Method 2: Upload & Update

This method will allow you to upload the Joomla package and then install it manually by clicking on the “Upload and Install” button.

Joomla Update

After installing the update, you will be redirected to a screen showing confirmation of the successful update. It will look like the following image:

Joomla Update

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