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MariaDB Update Data

In MariaDB, UPDATE statement is used to modify the existing fields by changing values in a table.



The UPDATE statement can be used with WHERE, ORDER BY and LIMIT clause.


UPDATE a Single Column

We have a table “Students”, having the following data:

Mariadb Update 1

Let’s change the student_name ‘Aryan’ where ‘student_name’ was “Ajeet”.

Mariadb Update 2

Query is executed successfully. Now check the updated data:


Mariadb Update 3


UPDATE Multiple Columns

You can also update more than one columns using the UPDATE satatement in MariaDB database. In the following example, we update two columns “student_name” and “student_address” in the table “Students” where “student_name” was “Alecia”.

Mariadb Update 4

The columns are updated now. You can check and verify the result by using SELECT statement:


Mariadb Update 5

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