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WooCommerce: Product Attachment Plugin Review

by Tutor Aspire

While running an eCommerce store makes the operational part of your business a lot smoother, it does not give the facilities, such as asking dozens of questions about the product, seeing it physically, etc. to your customers. This could become a disadvantage if your online shop does not render sufficient information – text and visual – about the products you are selling. So, how will you prevent this situation?

Well, we have a quick and reliable solution. 

Adding the relevant and crisp information on the product page, alongside the product, should solve your concern in some cases. However, when there is a lot of detail to be specified, just do not render it all on the page. Using attachments will keep your shop user-friendly and performance-oriented. 

To do so, you can install Product Attachment for WooCommerce Plugin on your store.

In this article, we are going to review this WooCommerce plugin bit by bit. 

WooCommerce Product Attachment – What does this plugin do?

WooCommerce Attachment Plugin lets the business owners attach different types of files to their product pages, helping them improve the user experience for their customers. 

Document files, PDFs, video files, excel sheets, audio notes, jpg (image) files and more formats can be attached through its help. So whether it’s your product manual or explainer video, technical specifications or quality certificates, licenses or additional information, user guides or size guides – you can add everything to your product pages now.

The attachments can be made visible for the buyers on different stages of order processing. When you do this, the selected attachment will be added to order details page of the customer’s account whenever the order status matches. You may choose one or more statuses from on-hold, processing, pending payment, completed, refunded, failed, cancelled and completed. You also have the facility to email these files as per order status – especially when new order is placed, an order is completed and an invoice is sent to the customer. 


In case you want to add same attachment (or set of attachments) to multiple products, Product Attachment for WooCommerce Plugin lets you do that. Its Bulk Product Attachments feature allows the shop owners assign attachments to one or multiple categories and sub-categories.

This multi-lingual plugin is suitable for the businesses, running in multiple countries. Alongside English, it supports German, French, Polish and Spanish languages too. You just need to set up WPML for this purpose.

Free Vs. Premium Product Attachment for WooCommerce – The Features

By now, you must have understood the basic functioning and capabilities of the product attachment plugin. So, it’s the time to acquaint you with the features made available to the free and premium version users. 

This section will help you understand whether the free version will be suitable for you, or the premium version, if you need to add attachments to your products.

Features of Free Product Attachment Plugin for WooCommerce

Download Free version

  • Supports attaching multiple files [PDFs].
  • This Attachment is set status(Pending payment, Processing, On hold, Completed, Cancelled, Refunded, Failed) after that match this status then auto enable on each order download available.
  • Enable attachment on Product page.
  • Any type attachments you can attach with order
  • Add Attachment in all products.
  • Each Attachment have own settings (Name, Description, Uploads file, select Order status, Set expiry Date and more)
  • You can make the attachments downloadable or viewable for your buyers. Viewing and downloading is possible from the order details page or product page [any one of these pages].
  • Setting expiry date for the product attachment(s) is allowed for the free product attachment plugin users. This feature automatically disables the attachment after the set timestamp is passed.

Features of Premium Product Attachment Plugin for WooCommerce

Note – Premium plugin has all the features of its lite/free version. Below, we are only listing those features that are unique to it. 

  • Bulk attachment feature, through which the attachments can be directed assigned to multiple products, categories or subcategories – saving you from the hassle of manually adding attachment to each entity separately.
  • Premium version supports multiple file format, including (but not limited to):
  1. Document files
  2. PDFs
  3. Video files
  4. Excel sheets
  5. Audio notes
  6. JPG (image) files
  • You may set everything separately for each of your attachments, unlike the free version. Name of attachment, its description, order statuses for which it will be visible, expiry date, uploads, and more can be managed for each of your attachment through this plugin.
  • Attaching files to your variable products.
  • Managing attachment(s) visibility for the orders as per status is possible, while status could be:
  1. Completed
  2. On Hold
  3. Pending payment
  4. Processing
  5. Cancelled
  6. Failed
  7. Refunded
  • You can choose to disable and enable attachments for the emails being sent.
  • Set Attachment on email 

How does it work?

Once installed, you will see a link named ‘WooCommerce Product Attachment’ or ‘WooCommerce Product Attachment Pro’ in the left sidebar of your WordPress admin dashboard.


From the settings tab, you can set the following details –

  • Product Details Page Title
  • Order Details Page Title
  • Whether or not to add attachments in emails or not 
  • Whether or not to show the attachment date label 
  • Whether to use link or icon for attachments’ downloading/viewing
  • Whether to show attachments in ‘My Account’ page or not
  • Label of the button 
  • The list of user types, for which you can restrict the visibility of your attachments

Creating Attachments

You can specify the constraints for your attachments and upload files for them.


Managing Bulk Attachments 

The plugin also allows the shop owners to assign attachments to multiple categories, products, and sub-categories.


Who should opt for a Free Version?

If you have an online store, for which, you just need to attach a few PDF attachments for some of your products, the free version will do just fine.

Who Should Opt for Premium Version?

For the store, having dozens or hundreds of products, and a different set of attachments for each of its product/category, the premium version will be needed. Emailing these attachments as per order status or managing attachment’s visibility will also be a simple task with it.

Pricing of the Plugin

If you are opting for the free version of Product Attachment plugin, there is no cost involved in using it. However, the premium version has a few pricing plans you should know about –

Annual Subscriptions 

The single site subscription for this plugin is worth $49. For 5 sites license, you will have to pay $89. And if you are willing to use it for approximately 25 websites, go for the unlimited sites license weighing $119. These subscriptions will remain valid for a year. Afterward, you will have to renew your license subscription.

Yearly Subscriptions

The single site, 5 sites, and unlimited sites yearly subscription of Product Attachment for WooCommerce Plugin costs $149, $269 and $359 respectively. For those, who are willing to use this plugin forever on their website(s), yearly subscription makes more sense without a doubt. 

Note: We’ve added this information as the site reflects at the time of writing of this article. For the most updated details regarding the pricing and features of the plugin, please refer to this page.

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