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SciPy Constant

The scipy.constant package is available with a wide range of constants, which is used extensively in the scientific field. There are various physical, mathematical constants and units that we can import the required constants and use them as per needed.

List of Mathematical constant

The scipy.constant provides the following list of mathematical constants.

Sr. No. Constants Description
1. pi pi
2. golden Golden ratio

Consider the following example of scipy.constant. Here we compare the ‘pi’ value by importing different modules.


The above code will give the following output. As we can observe that both values are same.

sciPy - pi Value = 3.141592653589793116  math - pi Value = 3.141592653589793116  

Physical Constants

The scipy.constant package provides the number of physical constants. The most commonly used physical constants are the following:

Sr. No. Physical Constants Description
1. c Speed of light in vaccum
2. speed_of_light Speed of light in vaccum
3. G Standard acceleration of gravity
4. G Newton Constant of gravitation
5. E Elementry charge
6. R Molar gas constant
7. Alpha Fine-structure constant
8. N_A Avagadro constant
9. K Boltzmann constant
10 Sigma Stefan-Boltzmann constant σ
11. m_e Electron mass
12. m_p Proton mass
13. m_n Neutron Mass
14. H Plank Constant
15. Plank constant Plank constant h

Other important Constant

It is difficult to remember all units; the few essential constants are listed below:

Sr. No. Units Value
1. Mass
Gram One gram in Kilogram.
Grain One grain in Kilogram.
Pound One Pound in Kilogram.
Ounce One Ounce in Kilogram.
automic_mass Atomics mass constant in Kilogram.
2. Time
Minute One minute in seconds.
Hour One hour in seconds.
Day One day in seconds.
Year One year in seconds.
3. Length
Inch One inch in meters.
Foot One foot in meters.
Yard One yard in meters.
Pt One point in meters.
Micron One Micron in meters.
4. Pressure
Atm The standard atmosphere in pascals.
Atmosphere The standard atmosphere in pascals.
Bar One bar in Pascals.
Torr One torr(mmHg) in pascals.
5. Area
Hectare One hectare in square meters.
Acre One acre in square meters.
6. Speed
Kmh Kilometer per hour in meter per second.
Mph Miles per hour in meter per second.
Mach One Match in meter per second.

The scipy.constant provides the find() function, which returns a list of physical_constant keys containing a given string.

Consider the following example:


['Boltzmann constant',   'Boltzmann constant in Hz/K',   'Boltzmann constant in eV/K',   'Boltzmann constant in inverse meters per kelvin',   'Stefan-Boltzmann constant']  

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