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WordPress: 10 Web Design Mistakes Small Businesses Make

by Tutor Aspire

Today’s entrepreneurs are smart and know the importance of having a premium business website. However, most entrepreneurs don’t have a good understanding of website UI and UX.

As a result, they make web design mistakes that adversely impact the performance of the website. The following are 10 of these common web design mistakes that you must keep in mind.

1. Cluttered and Overwhelming Visuals

In an attempt to create a “remarkable” and “unique” website, many entrepreneurs clutter their website with all kinds of visuals and special effects. This is the exact opposite of what you should be doing. Remember, a clean and straightforward website is more impactful and memorable. So, it’s best to go through some quality WordPress themes and pick an appropriate one for your website. Besides, customizing a theme is better than building a website from scratch. 

2. Dull and Uninspired Design

Just like some people clutter their website with “too many” visuals, some do the opposite and make their website “too simple”. You need to know that simplicity doesn’t always equal to boring or dull. Simple websites can be attractive too. Check out the image below for reference. 

33 Best Software Company Website Templates 2020 - Colorlib

3. Bad/Irrelevant Images

Images play a huge role in website design. So, avoid using low-quality images that have low resolution. Also, make sure that the images fit in the overall website theme. Most importantly, avoid common logo design mistakes- unprofessional fonts, cliched design, use of too many colors, etc.

4. Absent or Poor CTA

Call-to-action is a must in website to direct your visitors to take the desired action- download your software demo, or sign up for a newsletter, etc. Make sure that you put a good CTA in your website. Also, this CTA should be clear and relevant to the page on which it’s placed. 

5. Bad Quality Content

If your website content has typos, bad grammar, or uninteresting content, your visitors won’t stay on the website for long. Clear, succinct, and engaging content makes your business appear professional and trustworthy. So, hire a professional copywriter or content writer to create the content for your website. Also, check that the website has all the ingredients of great content- accuracy, originality, catchy headlines, etc. 

6. Poor Navigation

Your website’s UI should be easy to use and the visitors should be able to navigate to any section or page of your website through the navigation bar. To make it easy for the visitors to find what they seek, you can add a search bar and a menu with different categories and subcategories. 

7. Too Many Ads

If your sole monetization channel is advertisements, you would want to have as many ads on your website as possible. However, when the ads start to overshadow the website content itself, it can be a problem. It’s important that you balance the needs of your visitors and the ads.    

8. Absence of Essential Web Pages

Every good website has the following pages- About Us, Contact Us, Mission Statement and Values, Products and Services, and Blog. If your website is missing any of these pages, you should add them immediately. 

9. Non-Responsive Web Design

One thing professional web designers always keep in mind is responsive web design. But what is it really? A responsive web design is a website design that can adapt to different screen sizes and resolutions automatically. So, if your website is responsive, it will adjust its text and images for mobiles, laptops, tablets, etc. in a way that the visitor can easily scan through the content. 

10. Unclear Brand Messaging

Branding is just as important to small businesses as it’s to the big businesses. So, be sure to maintain consistent branding across your website design. From the logo to the slogan, everything should be in line with your brand book.

So, there you have it- 10 common web design mistakes that we see frequently. If you notice any of these in your website, try to fix them as soon as possible. You may also take help of a professional, but it’s critical you do the needful. Good luck! 

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