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WooCommerce: Delete “Uncategorized” Product Category Forever

by Tutor Aspire

Upon installation, WooCommerce adds a default product category called “Uncategorized”. This is a nice feature because each product must belong to at least one category, and “Uncategorized” is therefore the WooCommerce-way to avoid problems.

All good so far, until you get to the stage where you have dozens of product categories and if *one day* (everyday for me lol) you forget to assign a product to one of them your product will automatically fall under “Uncategorized”, with that category showing also on the frontend which is not nice at all.

In this post, we’ll see how to remove this “Uncategorized” category, forever. Enjoy!

Step 1: “Make Default” Another Product Category

If you wish to get rid of the “Uncategorized” product category once and for all, you need to create at least another product catergory, so that you can make it the “default” one.

Simply hover onto the category you want to set as default, and click on “Make default”:

In this case, I’m changing the default Product Category (so it’s not the Uncategorized one any longer)

Step 2: Delete Uncategorized Category

Now that you have another Default Category, you can now freely hover onto the “Uncategorized” product category and click on “Delete”. That’s it!

That was simple!

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