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PHP mail() function is used to send email in PHP. You can send text message, html message and attachment with message using PHP mail() function.

PHP mail() function


$to: specifies receiver or receivers of the mail. The receiver must be specified one of the following forms.

$subject: represents subject of the mail.

$message: represents message of the mail to be sent.

Note: Each line of the message should be separated with a CRLF ( \r\n ) and lines should not be larger than 70 characters.

$additional_headers (optional): specifies the additional headers such as From, CC, BCC etc. Extra additional headers should also be separated with CRLF ( \r\n ).

PHP Mail Example

File: mailer.php

If you run this code on the live server, it will send an email to the specified receiver.

PHP Mail: Send HTML Message

To send HTML message, you need to mention Content-type text/html in the message header.

PHP Mail: Send Mail with Attachment

To send message with attachment, you need to mention many header information which is used in the example given below.

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