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WooCommerce: File Upload Plugins For Order Personalization

by Tutor Aspire

One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a WooCommerce store owner is offering limited product customization abilities. Product personalization is a critical component of online shopping that helps provide a better customer experience and results in a high retention rate.

75% of customers appreciate businesses that offer personalized offerings, and a Deloitte consumer review suggests that 1 in every 5 customers are willing to pay 20% more for a custom-designed and personalized product. 

A great way to do this is by offering an image upload solution for products for your customers to improve customer satisfaction and generate more revenue for your store. 

This article shows the top solutions that make uploading images for products for customers a breeze and enhance their customization abilities. But before we get into them, let’s look at more benefits of offering this capability in your store and how it affects your business bottom line. 

What is the importance of the file upload option for WooCommerce users? 

Providing customers with the option to upload images for product personalization offers numerous benefits to your WooCommerce store. Here are some most common benefits: 

  • Improved customer satisfaction: Not every customer wants the same thing. The ability to personalize the products with custom images significantly heightens customer satisfaction. 

Receiving an order printed with a custom image of their choice ignites a sense of ownership over the product – increasing brand loyalty and customer experience. 

  • You can charge more: As we saw earlier that customers willingly spend more on products they can personalize. Moreover, eCommerce stores offering the best-personalized experiences generate 4-8% higher revenue than their competitors. 

This is because product personalization with a custom image print makes the product more unique and creates a sense of belongingness within the customers – making them invest in such purchases even if they need to pay a few extra dollars. 

  • Increased customer engagement: Engagement is all about grabbing customers’ attention long enough until they make the purchase. 

With custom image upload, you allow customers to play around with product personalization and spend more time on your store – increasing engagement and the chances of impulse purchases. Since the longer customers engage with your products – the more they’re willing to act on their impulses and buy them. 

  • Differentiates you from your competitors: The eCommerce industry is a highly-competitive market. 

Thus, providing control to your customers over their product image and design creates a memorable experience and encourages them to opt for your products over your competitors. 

So, if you wish to leverage these benefits for your store, here is a list of the top WooCommerce plugins that allow customers to upload images for products in a breeze. 

Plugins to allow WooCommerce customers to upload files

YITH WooCommerce Uploads

YITH WooCommerce Uploads allow your customers to customize their products with image uploads during the purchasing process. 

It eradicates the need to exchange emails with your customers for product customization – allowing you to manage orders with images directly attached to your store’s order page. You can activate the feature on the cart, checkout, and “Thank You” pages to accept image uploads from customers. 

Customers can split and view the same product’s orders for different images separately in the cart – enhancing the customer experience. You also get complete flexibility to accept or reject the customization requests and even offer second chances to customers to upload a new image file. 

Moreover, suppose customers need to upload the same image for multiple products in the cart – they can easily do so through this plugin and link image attachments to the entire order instead of linking each time for specific products. 

In addition, customers can remove the uploaded image and add notes for additional information. Finally, it lets you save the images through order ID or order number and send messages to your customers through a rapid email system – directly from your store’s order pages. 

Top feature: As an admin, you can determine the number of images customers can upload and even deactivate the image upload feature for specific products if required. 

Price: $59.99/year with 1-year of updates and support and a 30-days money-back guarantee. 

WooCommerce Upload Files

WooCommerce Upload Files lets your customers upload unlimited images without any size restriction – thanks to its chunk upload technology. 

Customers can easily crop images before uploading and adjust the image’s width and height dimensions per their preferences through its crop image editor. You can also add additional costs based on the number of images customers upload – generating more revenue. 

You can also enable the email notification option to receive the image download link and receive notifications whenever customers upload images. Additionally, it allows you to save the uploaded images on your DropBox or Amazon S3 account – moving the temporarily uploaded images from your server to either of these storage solution accounts. 

Other features include responsive fields display, uploads progress bar, WPML compatibility, and the uploads counter to track customers’ number of image uploads for each order. 

Top feature: Allows you to optionally enable the Secure links option – allowing only you and the customer who uploaded the image to access them. 

Price: The Regular License costs $32, and the Extended License costs $95. 

WooCommerce Drag & Drop Uploader | Ajax File Upload

This plugin is simple to manage and use and comes with an excellent user experience (UX) and user-friendly interface – allowing customers to easily upload images and preview and delete them on the same page. 

This plugin stands out from other options because instead of using a normal upload button to let customers upload images – it allows them to upload one or multiple images with an intuitive drag-and-drop box uploader. 

Other features include setting image restrictions (size or type), price control based on the number of images, uploads counter, and uploads progress bar. 

You can view the complete documentation of the plugin here

Top feature: Leverage its individual product configuration to apply different image upload settings for each separate product. 

Price: The Regular License costs $29, and the Extended License costs $125. 

All in One Files Upload for WooCommerce

The All In One Files Upload for WooCommerce allows your customers to upload custom images in several formats – including .PNG, .JPG, .JPEG, and.SVG. Customers can also submit additional notes, queries, clarifications, and instructions per their specific orders. 

As an admin, you can make uploading images mandatory for specific products. You can also display the uploaded product images in the cart or checkout. 

In addition, it lets you easily restrict the image size and type for different products to set the instructions clear for your customers and avoid confusion. 

Besides, you can also customize the labels and plugin and button text and charge an additional fee for image uploads on customized products. 

Top feature: Provides an option to add a popup tooltip to collect user information on the product page. 

Price: $49.00 (billed annually)

Customer Upload Files for WooCommerce

Customer Upload Files for WooCommerce encourages customers to upload images on the product, cart, and checkout pages and allows single or multiple image uploads. 

It’s a highly customizable plugin that lets you create multiple rules to manage image upload options, restrict rules based on categories, products, and user roles (subscribers, customers, or contributors) and customize the upload file button (color or text). 

Moreover, you can approve or disapprove the image file and notify your customers about the same. It also enhances customer experience – allowing them to preview the end product after image upload and choose to go ahead or delete the image. 

Top feature: It lets you permit multiple image uploads and take complete control over determining specific image file types and sizes for specific products. 

Price: $49.00 (billed annually) 

Checkout Files Upload for WooCommerce 

As the name suggests, Checkout Files Upload for WooCommerce allows your customers to upload image files specifically on or after WooCommerce checkout. 

However, it also allows you to add an upload field to your WooCommerce My Account and Thank Your page. 

You can easily add a custom label to the upload field, set accepted image file types, remove button labels, optimally validate the image dimensions, and set the maximum image file size. 

In addition, you can also enable the AJAX form for image file uploads and send the uploaded images to your and customers’ emails. 

Top feature: It allows you to set custom messages like “File is required,” “No file selected,” “Wrong image dimensions,” and “Files successfully uploaded.” 

Price: Free 

WooCommerce Product Add-ons Ultimate

The WooCommerce Product Add-Ons Ultimate is an all-in-one product personalization plugin that offers extensive features to personalize your products for your customers. 

And one of such features is its advanced WooCommerce image upload that lets you customers upload images in the .JPG, .JPEG, .PNG, and .GIF format. 

Apart from the upload button – you can also add the AJAX drag and drop upload feature to make image uploads for your customers as convenient as possible. Customers can also view the image upload progress through progress bars. 

Additionally, you can also assign extra costs for each image upload to generate more revenue for your store. Besides, it’s a flexible plugin – perfect for non-coders that offers great and rapid service support, a simple interface, and a 14-day money-back guarantee with all its plans. 

You can check out this detailed article to get an in-depth insight into using this plugin, including instructions about adding an upload field option, setting the maximum file size, defining file types, displaying image thumbnails, and charging a price for WooCommerce image uploads. 

Top feature: Provides bulk upload feature – allowing customers to upload images in bulk instead of uploading them separately. 

Price: The Basic plan costs $69.00, and the Pro plan costs $119.00. 


Whether you offer gift products, electronic products, clothing, jewelry, or stationery items – allowing customers to upload images and personalize these items can go a long way for your store in terms of sales and customer acquisition. 

80% of customers are more likely to engage and purchase from an online store if they offer personalized product experiences. In addition, people love buying products that are unique to them as it creates a sense of emotional attachment – making them spend more on personalized items. 

It helps improve customer satisfaction, increase customer engagement, helps you stand apart from the crowd, and lets you charge more – driving more net revenue. So, if you wish to tap into these benefits, check the best WooCommerce image upload plugins mentioned above and choose the best-suited option that better meets your store’s needs and budget requirements. 

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