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WooCommerce: Shoptimizer Theme Review

by Tutor Aspire

When building a WooCommerce store, one important factor to keep in mind is offering your customers seamless page navigation and design experience while ensuring faster page speed and performance. It helps boost customer satisfaction and improve business sales. 

According to Akamai’s research, even a 1-second delay affects the websites’ conversion rates by 7%, as your store’s page loading speed is one of the important determining Google’s SEO factors. 

Thus, to avoid delays and create a beautiful and appealing website, you must choose an excellent WooCommerce theme for your store. 

However, considering the wide range of options – selecting a multipurpose, user-friendly, and attractive WooCommerce theme can get challenging and overwhelming. Hence, today, in this article, we review one of the fastest WooCommerce themes – Shoptimizer

In this article, we’ll review the theme’s overview, interface, important features, and pricing to see if it’s the right fit for your WooCommerce store. Let’s begin! 

Shoptimizer: A Brief Overview 

Shoptimizer is a speed and conversion-optimized WooCommerce theme that offers features like trust badges and distraction-free checkout to convert your website’s visitors into customers. 

The CommerceGurus team built the theme upon best practices and extensive research to offer WooCommerce stores the best SEO benefits – like conversions, speed, and attractive design. 

Unlike other themes, like Flatsome, Shoptimizer isn’t a multipurpose theme – as it’s specifically designed for WooCommerce. 

Besides these benefits, let’s look at the other critical features of Shoptimizer and what makes it one of the fastest WooCommerce themes. 

Top Shoptimizer Features For WooCommerce  

Once you install and activate the Shoptimizer theme, click on the Customize button to customize your website using Shoptimizer. 

It’ll land you on this customized version of the WordPress Customizer: 

1. Logo and brand identity

Shoptimizer comes with a clean design and facilitates general settings, like adding your business logo to the website. 

Once you go to General and select Site Identity, you can click on the Select Logo button to quickly add your business’s logo to your eCommerce store. 

Besides the logo, you can also add or change your Site Title, Tagline of your business, and Site Icon – displayed on the browser tabs, WordPress mobile apps, and bookmark tabs. 

You can further customize the logo size by going to General and Site Logo and also choose to display or hide your business’s tagline below the logo. 

2. Design

Shoptimizer’s customizer allows you to tweak and quickly modify instant settings, like Typography, Layout, Color, and Header & navigation – helping you build your ideal eCommerce store. 

Let’s look at each of these customizations one by one. 

  • Colors

When you click on Colors on the customizer, you can see many website element options to color customize- including the Top Bar, Header, Footer, and Below Header. 

You can click on any of these options, tap the color in front of the element, and choose the desired color you want the element to switch to. 

These extensive color customization options allow you to design your eCommerce to match your brand identity. 

  • Widgets 

Clicking on the Widgets option lets you add widgets like a Block, Calendar, an Audio player, or an Image Gallery on different locations – like the Sidebar, Top Bar Left, Sidebar Pages, and Top Bar Center. 

Simply select the option where you want to add a widget, click the Add a Widget button, and choose from the wide range of options displayed on the screen. 

  • Layout 

The Layout menu lets you modify your site’s element’s layout – including Sidebars, Blog, Footer, and WooCommerce. Click on the suitable options and customize layout features, like the sidebar’s width and position. 

  • Typography 

The Typography option provides various font settings for your web page’s main body, paragraphs, Heading One to Heading Five, Blog, and Widget Titles. 

You can customize the element’s font type, variant, color, size, and letter spacing. 

  • Header and Navigation 

Shoptimizer also provides several Header and Navigation customizations for your page’s top bar, header, mobile header, cart, navigation, and border header. 

For instance, when you choose Header, you can customize the header’s top padding, bottom padding, layout, search design, and sticky navigation. 

3. Speed 

If your WooCommerce theme comes with an extensive set of features and high-quality elements, which ultimately slow down your website, then the theme harms your eCommerce store more than not. Slower websites result in customer dissatisfaction and poor SEO performance – thus, resulting in lower search engine rankings. 

Shoptimizer is optimized for speed, which helps deliver better SEO rankings to enhance the business’s performance. In addition, it automatically creates minified and critical CSS to boost your site’s loading speed. 

Moreover, it dynamically creates a ‘critical CSS’ stylesheet – allowing your site and its content to render instantly for visitors with no waiting time. 

On your Shoptimizer customizer, go to General and Site Settings to enable or disable the critical CSS, Load minified CSS files, and the Load Rivolicons Icon Font. 

Besides, it offers an incredible performance and speed score when you run the theme through Google’s Lighthouse audit

4. Product conversion features 

Besides speed, Shoptimizer is a conversion-optimized website – offering features that help you convert your store visitors into customers. 

For instance, the single product conversion features Shoptimizer provides are excellent for improving customer engagement and making them buy the product. 

Here are the conversion-optimized product elements you get with the Shoptimizer theme: 

  • An attractive header banner to display special offers and discounts close to the product title. 
  • A large primary product image to put focus on your WooCommerce store’s product images. 

You can also customize the product image’s width and the thumbnail width to your liking. 

  • A Call Back button to allow customers to request a call back to get reassurance about certain high-priced products or resolve product-related queries right from the product page. 
  • A Product image zoom feature to allow the customers to zoom into the finer details of the product and make better purchasing decisions. 
  • Previous and next product navigation to let buyers quickly go to the previous or next product with a single click. 

Other important product conversion features include Stock quantity, which creates a feeling of FOMO within the buyers and rushes them to buy the products before they’re sold out, and the Countdown timer to help confused and undecided buyers take the plunge and make the purchase. 

Besides you can also add additional product information, like the product’s shipping cost, below the buy or Add To Cart button to reduce abandonment rates. 

Slide-out cart and cart page 

Shoptimizer comes with a slide-out cart feature that makes it extremely convenient and easy for customers to view the items in their cart on the same page with a single click. 

It also offers a well-thought-out cart page that differentiates it from the other WooCommerce themes. Here’s a peek into them: 

  • A Progress Bar – displaying the customer’s purchase journey so they don’t have to toggle back and forth between the screens to complete the checkout. 
  • A compelling Call To Action – Proceed to checkout to encourage customers to make the purchase. 
  • Apply Coupon section – allowing customers to add the coupon and benefit from a discounted purchase. 

Another excellent feature is the mega menu Product Catalog which is great for eCommerce stores with multiple product categories. 

It lets you customize the Shop page display, Category display, Default product sorting, Products per row, and Rows per page to display your products and categories as needed. 

Checkout features 

On the theme’s customizer, once you click on WooCommerce, and then Checkout, Shoptimizer allows you to customize a distraction-free checkout layout for your customers. 

It removes the header, footer, and navigation menus from the checkout page – hooking the customer’s attention on completing the checkout process. 

Here, you can customize the required, hidden, or optional fields in the checkout form and even set a privacy policy and terms and conditions page for your buyers to refer to before purchasing. 


Shoptimizer is mobile-optimized,  boosting your store’s SEO performance and making it easier for your website to rank higher on the search engine. 

You can view your website’s desktop, mobile, and tablet versions by clicking on the controls in the left-bottom corner of the Shoptimizer customizer. 

Here’s how it displays the tablet and mobile versions of your website. 

Elementor page builder 

Shoptimizer uses the powerful and popular Elementor page builder for key screens and content pages. Using this feature-rich builder, you can design sophisticated and unique layouts without any coding skills. 


CommerceGurus specifically designed Shoptimizer – keeping accessibility in mind. 

Shoptimizer ensures that your eCommerce store is accessible to as many users and customers as possible – so you don’t miss out on your business sales and reach more potential customers. 

Here are some Shoptimizer features that make it an accessible WooCommerce theme: 

  • Shoptimizer passes the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) Level AA. This guideline is a set of technical requirements that explains ways to make your website highly accessible to users with different kinds of disabilities, such as hearing or seeing disabilities. 
  • Shoptimizer scores 94/100 on the Lighthouse accessibility score. Lighthouse is Google’s automated and open-source tool that produces a detailed report filled with recommendations to improve the quality of your web pages.
  • Shoptimizer is tested with screen readers to ensure accessibility. A screen reader is a crucial tool that reads the page’s content out loud and allows low-vision and blind users to navigate through your eCommerce store – without seeing the screen. 

These accessibility features improve your store’s visibility and conversion rates and boost SEO performance. 


Lastly, Shoptimizer is a highly compatible theme that efficiently works with some of the major page builders – like Elementor, SiteOrigin, Beaver Builder, and Visual Composer for WordPress. 

Using these builders, you can further enhance your store’s appeal and functionalities and create unique-looking pages for your store. 

Shoptimizer Pricing Review 

Shoptimizer is a premium theme. However, it comes at an economical price compared to other WooCommerce themes in the market. 

It costs $99, including 1 year of updates and premium support. 


Shoptimizer is a conversion-optimized, SEO-focused, and fast WooCommerce theme designed by eCommerce industry experts – CommerceGurus. 

It has a beginner-friendly interface and makes customizing your WooCommerce store a breeze with extensive color, typography, and widget options. Besides, its mobile-friendly nature, compatibility, and accessibility make it stand out from other WordPress and WooCommerce themes. 

Shoptimizer comes with the frequent roll-out of updates. So, if you’re looking for a budget-friendly, fast, and SEO-optimized theme for your WooCommerce store – Shoptimizer is an excellent choice. Try out the theme demo today to experience the power of Shoptimizer. 

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